4 IT frights and what to do with them

4 IT nightmares and what to do with them


IT challenges haunt companies of any size and industry — old-school organizations, the new kids on the block, and small companies with one “tech person” who must do it all — especially in today's always-on world where you must stay connected with your teams and customers from anywhere at any time.

Frights aren't just for ghosts and ghouls, it could mean never-ending maintenance and IT costs. But you can avoid these terrors by using the right remote IT and communications solutions for essential connections. Here are the stories of how GoTo customers overcame 4 common IT challenges: 

IT fright #1: Never-ending maintenance

Trick:The Arbinger Institute’s previous phone system left much to be desired. The system prevented the Director of IT Infrastructure, James Prince, from performing standard maintenance and changes on his own. “Instead, I had to call in change requests to their support team — and it was usually a 24-hour to one-week turnaround on those tickets,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kenco's on-premises private branch exchange (PBX) phone system was holding the company back from fully realizing the potential of its cloud strategy. The complicated system required them to work with third-party carriers — updates and maintenance were complex, costly, and cumbersome.

Treat: Both companies switched to GoTo's phone, meeting, and messaging solution for simple deployment, ease of use, high-quality service, and 99.999% uptime. Kenco streamlined communications among employees and customers across all its locations, while the Arbinger Institute took advantage of the mobile app to allow employees to make calls on the go.

IT fright #2: Disparate systems

Trick: As companies grow and evolve at fast rates, teams often onboard too many systems and create an unwieldy tech stack. This scenario also leads to unnecessary overspending.

Treat: The Arbinger Institute added GoTo’s remote support solution to help them consolidate under a unified platform. “I know how ‘heavy’ a tech stack can get when you start piecing it together, so I liked being able to keep our software packages under the same umbrella,” said James Prince.

IT fright #3: Fumbling in the dark

Trick: Providing remote tech assistance without being able to see what’s happening on the client’s end is trouble waiting to happen. As a fully remote company, Landtech found its previous solution falling short of delivering a frictionless experience, often increasing the client’s frustration rather than resolving it.

The Arbinger Institute lacked the ability to onboard new employees and resolve issues remotely, which proved to be a critical challenge when they shifted to a hybrid work model.

Treat: Landtech switched to GoTo’s remote support solution, which enabled them to provide a smoother, more professional service to customers nationwide. Technicians can now see and control multiple monitors a customer uses to deliver high-quality support. The seamless experience also boosts client confidence, which is critical since Landtech handles a lot of sensitive information.

The Arbinger Institute also uses GoTo for remote support and access. They enjoy the full control the solution provides, how intuitive the interface is, and the speed and ease at which they can connect.

IT fright #4: Runaway IT costs

Trick: Kenco faced significant capital expenses associated with supporting their previous on-premises PBX. Maintaining plain old telephone service (POTS) lines was hurting their bottom line. 

Treat: After switching to GoTo, Kenco reduced its costs by 50%, saving between $35,000 and $50,000 annually.

GoTo Essentials: All-in-one business communications and IT support

Staying connected in an always-on world is complex and expensive, especially for IT teams that are already stretched thin. 

GoTo Connect and GoTo Resolve are tried-and-true communication and support solutions trusted by companies of any size. Now, we're bringing them together in one affordable bundle — you can access everything you need via the powerful GoTo App platform without cobbling together different software and juggling multiple providers.

Learn more about GoTo Essentials and see how we can help streamline your tech stack, simplify your processes, and reduce IT costs.

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