Jive Recognized as a 2019 Top-Rated VoIP Provider by TrustRadius


Jive is making huge strides this year! Recently we announced a new product in LogMeIn’s new UCC portfolio, GoTo, bringing together all the capabilities of GoToMeeting and Jive — GoToConnect. This new unified experience allows users to call, meet, text, chat and more all from one application. Well, in addition to that big news, TrustRadius just named Jive a 2019 Top-Rated VoIP ProviderAnd not only a Top-Rated VoIP Provider, but the highest rated!  

Receiving great feedback from customers never gets old. At Jive we understand that your organization needs the best of the best when it comes to something as crucial for your success as a communications platform. This is why we are dedicated to providing your company with the best VoIP solution available, including all the latest features you need to succeedOur VoIP solution fits the needs of many organizations, across many industries, and we’re excited to be named a top-rated VoIP provider! 


Join TrustRadius Reviewers and Receive the Best VoIP Service  

  • Best VoIP quality — Not all VoIP providers are created equal. Jive is built on a true, multi-tenant platform distributed across 10 data centers, with seven in the United States. Why? Because this lowers the impact of latency and jitter, which have a huge impact on voice quality. 
  • Best VoIP security — With Jive Secure Provisioning, you can safeguard against hackers attempting to compromise your system with round-the-clock monitoring. 
  • Jive has the best VoIP phones — Jive offers a wide variety of IP phones for your business, including VoIP handsets and conference phone systems, all at discount prices. 


Jive Has the Best VoIP System for Companies of All Sizes 

  • Best VoIP system for small businesses — small businesses no longer have to look small with Jive’s powerful set of enterprise-grade VoIP features, allowing small business owners and staff to work from home, on the go, remotely, and to better collaborate and connect with everyone in their contacts. 
  • Best VoIP system for larger enterprises — Whether in office or on the go, Jive’s enterprise Hosted VoIP solution unifies mid-market communications across the globe. With true cloud architecture that delivers reliable, scalable, extensible and secure service, Jive’s enterprise telephone services make it easy to stay in touch across all offices and time zones, and attain notable sales and customer support.  

How Jive’s Best VoIP Can Help You 

  • Upgrade your old on-premise phone system — With Jive, businesses remove the need for on-site equipment. As the provider we maintain and update the necessary hardware and software offsite, giving your business automatic access to new features and updates as they become available.  
  • Best VoIP with everything in the cloud  Internal and external communications are crucial to your business operations, which is why Jive provides over 80 top-of-the-line features 
  • Best VoIP to scale a business — One system can easily handle new hires and office locations, so as your business scales, it scales with you. 

A few TrustRadius reviewers have said of Jive 

  • “We use Jive Hosted VoIP at all of our 30+ insurance agency locations across five states. We’ve grown through acquisitions which means we inherited a wide-range of legacy on-premise phone systems. Jive gave us a powerful alternative system that we could standardize on. Plus, we can manage every location via one browser-based management console which improves efficiency. The cloud PBX is simple, yet very powerful. This enables us to customize the configuration (dial plans, call flow, etc.) for each of our offices based on their size, preferences, and culture. Furthermore, being on Jive is exceptional when you need to move an office to a new location or in disaster scenarios. It is so easy to reroute calls on the fly to another office in a matter of minutes.”

    – Verified User, Vice President, Information Technology, INSURICA | Read the full review here.   

  • “Jive was a substantial cost saving and gave us everything we had in our VOIP phone service, plus more features. Jive was able to free us from the cumbersome phone system that runs off of hardline internet connections and is planted on every single desk in our office. Without having to give our cell phone numbers out to people, we were able to continue using out existing phone numbers and set-up individual dial plans that work for each person’s needs and schedules.”

    – Verified User, Corporate Director of Human Resources, Duke Hospitality | Read the full review here.   

  • “Jive’s All-Inclusive service was a huge draw for us; we are a small firm and need to be able to provide the maximum number of services and technological advantages without being nickel-and-dimed.”

    – Verified User, Administrative Assistant, Photography Company | Read the full review here.   


To learn more about how TrustRadius’ Top Rated works, check out their scoring criteria here.   

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