Jive for Insurance Agencies [Infographic]


Jive’s cloud-based network, apps, and voice features support the mobile and flexible lifestyle of insurance agents as they simultaneously generate new leads and support existing clients.

Affordable Price

At Jive, we aren’t out to nickel and dime you for every little feature. In fact, our goal is the opposite. Unlike our competitors, who will charge you for specific features, we provide access to all of our features at one affordable price. So you can communicate with clients using cutting-edge features—like an unlimited number of auto attendants, which free up your agents to generate more leads and sales.

Mobility and Flexibility

The lifestyle of an insurance agent requires flexibility. Luckily, Jive Voice makes it easy for employees to program their own personal day/evening hours, weekend hours, or holidays, by creating time-based routing and custom schedules.

And with the Jive Mobile app,  you’ll never miss a business call or give out your private number again! You can use the best Hosted VoIP mobile app on the market, allowing you to take business calls and send business texts/SMS on your cell phone. You’ll have the flexibility and motility to run that errand to Home Depot without missing a business opportunity.

Collaborate Seamlessly

Remote work is trending, and it’s common for insurance agents to be spread out over different locations. This dispersal of locations and employees makes it difficult for insurance agencies to unify company communications. Luckily, Jive is in the Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) business. You can add a free conference bridge for every employee to integrate multiple locations and remote workers. Your agency can also utilize our 3-way conferencing and visual conferencing.

Jive’s Contact Center

Along with Jive Voice’s features, Jive Contact Center enables you to run an enterprise-grade customer-support system. Stay on top of incoming inquiries with real-time queue reports, agent summary reports, omnichannel integration, and live status wallboards. You can also make the lives of managers easier with Jive’s Supervisor Dashboard.

Jive for Insurance Agencies

Jive will improve your insurance agency in a whole host of ways. Check out the infographic below to learn how a Jive Hosted VoIP phone system will help your insurance agency connect multiple locations and stay available for your clients. For more ways Jive can help insurance agencies, look at our infographic below, and read our blog,  “Challenges Insurance Agencies Face and How Business Phone Systems Help.”

Jive for Insurance Infographic Business Phone System