GoToMeeting Conference Room Systems Now with 25 Web Cams! - GotoMeeting


In recent months our room system offerings have continue to expand to include more features and functionality and today we are pleased to announce that we are bringing even more video feeds into your meeting spaces by upping our room systems video feeds from 5 to 25. Since nearly 3 out of 4 of our GoToMeeting users agree that video conferencing improves communication and helps to build relationships we are excited for this room system update!

One of the best things about our room system options, InRoom Link and GoToConference, is that it can turn a conference room or huddle space in to a place to engage with coworkers, clients or vendors from around the world. When you turn video on during a meeting it literally allows you to be face to face with people regardless of their location. It helps to support the flow of your company throughout the day with interactions that bridge the geographic divide and keep businesses moving forward.

25 web cam feeds will now automatically be turned on the next time you use InRoom Link or GoToConference in your conference room and huddle spaces. You’ll now get 24 webcams for attendees and one more for a view of your conference room so your whole team can meet face-to-face. Expand your webcam view to take up the entire screen or screen share with webcams. It’s your choice! Just turn on your video feed and let the collaboration begin!

To learn more about 25 webcams on our room systems and other new exciting GoToMeeting features join our upcoming webinar. Register here!: