8 Genius Ideas to Make Your Webinar Recording Work for You - GoToWebinar


You just put on a fantastic webinar that would make anyone proud. Then you find yourself asking, “now what?” Since you’re smart, you know that letting your webinar recording sit in some forgotten archive is a bad idea. But what should you do with it?

Since you planned ahead and recorded your webinar, you have tons of options that mean your webinar doesn’t have to stop working for you after you log out of the live event.

Here are eight things you can do with your webinar recording to get more bang for your buck:

1. Edit it

First things first — edit your webinar recording. Download your recording and cut out anything you don’t want to be included in the final version — preamble, mistakes, unnecessary tangents, etc. Essentially, you can make your webinar exactly how you want it.

2. Share it

Send a link to your edited webinar to registrants within 24 hours of the live webinar. This keeps your webinar top-of-mind and gives registrants who didn’t attend the live event the opportunity to watch the webinar at their convenience.

3. Feature it on your Channel Page

When you use GoToWebinar, you can set your webinar recordings to automatically upload to your Channel Page, which is your own branded webinar hub. You can share your webinar with a link. And you control the privacy settings so you can decide which webinars are private and public.  This is a great way to share your webinars and give your audience an easy way to discover more of your webinar content.

4. Make it public

GoToStage is a great way to get your webinar in front of new audiences. Once you’ve edited your webinar, throw it on GoToStage and watch your views (and leads!) increase. New audiences will be able to discover your webinar from search, or they can browse GoToStage for topics they are interested in.

5. Promote it

You promoted your live webinar, so why not promote the on-demand version? People are busy, and we’ve found that professionals prefer on-demand content. Use social media, email, and your own website to promote your recorded webinar to new audiences.

You can drive new leads by creating a landing page and gating your recording.  This is one of the easiest ways to get more value out of your webinar.

6. Repurpose it

Slice up your webinar recording to create several short videos you can easily share on social, your blog, landing pages, and anywhere else. For example, you can create a highlight reel of key takeaways. Or, Vidyard recommends taking webinar snippets and putting them on relevant landing pages to help increase conversions.

7. Create a series

Get as much life out of your webinar as you can by creating a series or a course. Bundle several related webinars or slice up one webinar and turn it into a series. You can share the series on your blog, allow people to subscribe to the series, or use it in your nurturing campaigns.

8. Study it

Use your webinar recording to improve future webinars. Watch it and see what you or other presenters could have done better. Make notes and refer back to them when you rehearse for your next webinar. I know it can be painful to watch yourself, but that’s one of the best ways to improve your presenting skills.

Webinar recordings are not meant to collect dust in your webinar archives; they should be some of your greatest assets. With little effort — compared to what it took to put on the original webinar — you can reach new audiences and create great, original content. As you get ready to host your next live webinar, remember to include a plan for your webinar recording in your strategy.