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GoToRoom with Dolby Voice

Bridge the gap between virtual and reality with sensational meeting quality.
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The experience

GoToRoom is simple to set up and makes it easy to jump into a meeting. When the session begins the GoToRoom with Dolby Voice experience becomes a reality. The world-class Dolby audio that you hear in the latest blockbuster movies brings your conversation to life. Premium functions that help maximize employee productivity come standard. Now, with multiple room solutions, purpose built for huddle, conference, and larger board rooms, you can be sure that every meeting is conducted with top of the line quality and connection.

Key features & functionality

GoToRoom is packed with intelligent audio and video features to help meetings run smoothly. Now attendees from around the world feel like they’re sitting right next to you in the room.

Purchasing and managing GoToRoom

When transitioning traditional conference rooms into video-based collaboration spaces, cost is always the first question. How much will this set my company back, and is there a better way? The answer is a resounding yes. Some organizations opt to pay up front, but GoToRoom also offers monthly pricing, so a meeting space can be video enabled for one low monthly fee. In addition, management is easy: not only does GoToRoom integrate with your current GoTo admin center, but you also receive advanced management functionality through the Dolby Conferencing Console.

Huddle space or home office

Included in the GoToRoom portfolio is the Dolby Voice Huddle Room. This compact versatile unit packs an incredible punch and fits in the palm of your hand. GoToRoom with Dolby Voice Huddle is built for seamless collaboration in small meeting spaces for 2-6 people. Because of the size, simplicity and affordability of this unit, this huddle room offering can also be used for personal offices (at home or work) to optimize the meeting experience for individual use.


Conference room

The GoToRoom with Dolby Voice Conference Room kit is an all in one application-based solution that has been a favorite for customers looking to enable collaboration between at work and remote employees. This kit is perfect for conference rooms that hold 6 to 12 people, while ensuring that everyone in the room can be seen and heard clearly.


Premier boardroom

The GoToRoom collection now supports larger meeting spaces. GoToRoom with Dolby Voice Boardroom is designed for meetings with 12 to 20 people and adds a more powerful camera to assist remote attendees in identifying who is speaking, in a bigger room. GoToRoom with Dolby Voice can also be customized to your exact specifications thanks to our partnership with Extron.


See what’s inside

Interested in learning more about GoToRoom with Dolby Voice? Contact us today for live demos or take a quick look under the hood at the latest hardware tech specs.

Setup without all the setup

Interested in seeing just how easy it is to go from unboxing your new GoToRoom to starting a meeting?