Four Benefits of Using One UCC Vendor


Enterprises today rely on a wide set of technologies to empower employee collaboration. Tools like video conferencing, VoIP phone systems and room solutions are essential to how teams communicate and collaborate on a global scale. But these tech stacks of business communication tools often consist of many disparate vendors and tools to get their work done, which adds complexity. The Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) model is quickly emerging as an easy way to help businesses address continually evolving workplace environments and demands by working with one vendor.  

Here are four benefits to partnering with one UCC vendor for your collaboration needs.

Consistent Service and Support

In today's competitive SaaS environment leading companies are becoming more customer-centric. Furthermore, loyal customers using multiple solutions from a single vendor will benefit from a service perspective. Since all the technology is from the same vendor, they'll be able to identify and fix any issues more quickly than they would in a situation that involves other vendors' systems.

A sole vendor will also provide more comprehensive support when it comes to new features or software enhancements. It can be also be downright painful to work with different vendors to maintain real-time upgrades or bug fixes to multiple communication tools. A single UCC partner will do the heavy lifting for you - they can streamline and prioritize which new features matter most to you across your entire collaboration toolkit, based on the features or products you're using.

Seamless Technology Integration

Although more technology now integrates or works in conjunction with APIs, you still may encounter some compatibility issues. This is especially true if your company currently uses legacy systems, upgrading each area of your business and each piece of technology one step at a time, rather than all at once.

When you work with one UCC vendor, however, you can simplify the integration process of your the business communication platform. This can reduce task repetition such as double data entry. It can also provide faster processing and information sharing for your company.

Simplified User Experience

A single vendor also brings about a more seamless user experience right from day one. When you're in the onboarding phase, and all-in-one training that covers all collaboration technologies at once is more efficient and user friendly than hosting multiple training and support sessions for various teams. Your employees will have one source of knowledge and information about how to use their business communication tools, and only one training to attend!

Once you're up and running, a consistent UX across the entire collaboration experience will lead to more productive users, and ultimately happier customers. Their business communication tools will seamlessly work into their day-to-day, without the pains of switching between tools with different interfaces or functionality. Teams in customer-facing roles can in turn provide your customers with a consistent experience. Every interaction will be similar, and more seamless.

Lower Costs 

We saved the best for last - the bottom line! IT leaders are under a lot of financial pressures to provide all the right tools at the lowest cost to the organization. When you choose to work with multiple vendors, you become a one-purchase customer, often paying list prices for the services you get from each vendor. When you receive all your collaboration needs from one vendor, volume discounts or bundling pricing becomes available, and you can get more for your money.  

Streamlined Business Communications For the Win!

It's time to think more streamlined about your communication and collaboration tools. When you have fewer vendors to pay for, contact, and get updates from, you'll be able to enjoy more streamlined business communication. You can save money while providing your users a more seamless experience that includes all the features they need to get their work done. And your customers know exactly what to expect when communicating with your company. It's a win, win, win! 

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