Connecting Media Improves Processes and Addresses Important Security Factors with GoToConnect


Connecting Media is an IT consulting company that offers comprehensive digitization solutions in the field of IT security, IT services and data protection. Their goal: to put companies in the best position for the digital future. They support their customers from the first idea to the finished project, offering the appropriate building blocks for digitization. Complex issues are presented simply, and requests are implemented in a solution-oriented manner.

As working with companies of all sizes throughout various regions in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, Connecting Media was searching for a cloud telephone systems provider that not only met their IT security and data protection requirements but also the needs of their customers. Another requirement for a suitable cloud telephony solution was more efficiency when it comes to team integration.

Thankfully, the company was contacted by the LogMeIn Channel Team just at that time. A short time later, the technical attributes of GoToConnect were pitched to the company. The pitch inspired and convinced Andreas Kunz, Managing Director and Founder of Connecting Media. He was particularly impressed by the ease of use and the user interface. It was also important to Kunz that the telephone system could be rolled out on multiple PCs and devices, and that was certainly possible with GoToConnect. New employees can be integrated quick and easy.

With the integration of GoToConnect, the company has made great progress in terms of customer service and professionalism. With GoToConnect, you no longer had just perceived availability, but actual availability.

The introduction of the LogMeIn VoIP telephone system was a win for Connecting Media. It helped to improve many of the companies work processes and completely addressed the companies’ security factors. The number of satisfied customers increased and so did flexibility.

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