GoToConnect's flexibility, scalability and reliability help to enhance customer service at EMS Copiers


Ongoing expansion and office relocation at print services specialist EMS Copiers meant that its standard VoIP phone system was no longer fit for purpose. Calls were being lost and call quality was variable. The company’s search for a more reliable, scalable and versatile cloud-based phone system led it to GoTo Connect from GoTo.

John O’Brien, Sales Manager at EMS Copiers, says: “We were impressed by the capabilities of GoTo Connect. It was easy to use, flexible, and would allow us to easily manage call routing ourselves, which we couldn’t do with our existing system.”

As well as the rich array of features included with GoTo Connect, EMS Copiers valued the simple pricing model and the expert support provided by LogMeIn. This ensured the GoTo Connect virtual phone system was implemented seamlessly at the company’s offices, while its ease of use meant every member of staff was quickly up to speed with the new system.

John continues: “GoTo Connect has really given us a future-proof phone system that can grow as our business grows and provide the flexibility we need to adapt to new ways of working. The cloud-based system is perfect for working from home, enabling our people to make and receive calls from anywhere.”

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