What’s new: Powerful productivity and faster analytics for GoTo Connect

What’s new with GoTo: New integrations, analytics, and an improved app experience


GoTo Connect is bursting with productivity power and smarter, faster insights. Our team has been busy enhancing the product you know and love — making it even easier to use. Here are the latest updates from our product team.

What’s new:

Call volume analytics at your fingertips

Data-driven decisions are best, and we know you need visibility into the calls coming in. Now within the dial plan, these insights are hard to miss. In each node, you can see the breakdown of callers and know exactly where your calls are going and where they are hanging up.


Simple setup for phones

With an easy step-by-step onboarding flow, your phone system can be set up in minutes. The new process walks the customer through requesting a phone number, adding users, registering your location, testing, and implementation. Product tours don’t have to be complicated. This gives you what you need — piece of cake.


Voice Admin API access

GoTo Connect is easier than ever to integrate with. In the API developer portal, we have clearly documented APIs to manage phone numbers, extensions, and devices. This allows applications to manage components of the phone system.


New softphone experience

In the new softphone experience, we ensure your phone is available wherever you are. In the phone tab of GoTo Connect, select the dial button to open the softphone. The softphone will stay open as a floating widget until you minimize or close it. The call experience is simpler, especially for transfer and call parking flows. Learn how to enable the new softphone experience in our support article.


Network testing for admins

The GoTo Network test integration in the GoTo App and Admin portal allows administrators to monitor and troubleshoot system health on any network. Proactive testing improves network performance and reduces IT workload overtime.


End-to-end encryption

This new feature provides secure, real-time communication of audio, webcam, and screen sharing, ensuring your meeting stays private. End-to-end encryption is an extra layer of security on top of the password protection already offered. When enabled, it encrypts the media content of the session.

New desk phone settings

Before, to edit your desk phone settings, you had to manually update each device. Now, you can edit settings right from the GoTo Admin, in the devices tab. This also includes security settings — all streamlined.

Control calls from your headset

If you’re not always at your desk taking calls, this feature is for you. Now, you can control your voice experience from your headset — including mute, volume, accept, and leave call.

Device status updates for admins

For IT admins, more information is better. This update provides actionable status updates for managed devices including licensing of phones, extension and routing, synchronization, and security settings. Admins can see this all in one view, significantly improving device oversight.

New hardware compatibility

For our customers using hardware phones, we have all your use cases covered. With improved webcam, conference phone, and wireless options you will have everything you need from the home office to conference rooms, warehouses, and retail stores.

SMS registration with campaign registry

Customers that use SMS must now self-register with The Campaign Registry to avoid being blocked by mobile carriers. We have created a seamless flow in GoTo Admin to complete this registration quickly and easily. Staying compliant is no sweat and GoTo has your back.

Join webinars with one click

Joining webinars on the go just got easier. GoTo Webinar offers a seamless experience across mobile, tablet, and desktop users. Simply click the join link you receive from the organizer and you’re in.

At GoTo, we are always enhancing our products to make your worklife better. Check out the webinar to have an in-depth walkthrough of these latest updates and visit the support website for detailed notes on GoTo Connect and GoTo Meeting.