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Keep records up to date with integrated call notes using Jive Desktop.

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Jive’s customized integration with Redtail Technology offers wealth management firms a unified client care and communications solution that creates efficiencies and mitigates fiduciary responsibilities.

Using Redtail's API, Jive's integration offers:

· Screen Pop - Customer information and note history automatically Pop Up with incoming and out-going calls.
· Log Phone Notes And Call Activities - Make notes during your calls that are automatically added to your Redtail client records. You are able to categorize and set “priority” to call communications.
· Date - incoming and outgoing calls are automatically logged in your notes section of your clients contact page.
· Click-To-Dial
· Call Recording - Mitigate customer issues and help train your staff all while enhancing your compliance procedures.

How To Install

Integrate your phone system with Redtail. Each time you make or receive calls, Jive Integrations automatically looks for any customers that match the caller ID and logs the call with options to add a contact, view last notes, and add new call notes or activities.

· Download and install Jive Integrations for your operating system:

o Download for Mac

o Download for Windows

· Open and log in to Jive Integrations with your Jive credentials.

· Click the gear in the left sidebar and then choose your Line.

· Choose Redtail CRM.

· Click Configure to launch the Integrations Dashboard.

· In the new window, enter your Redtail Username and Password.

· Note: If you change your Redtail password or update the Jive Integrations app, unlink your account and then link the accounts again.

· Click Link Account.

· When you initiate a call from the app, it first sends the call to your desk phone or GoToConnect, waits for you to pick it up, and then finally completes the call to the outbound number.