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One, easy-to-use- tool to help manage marketing tools, templates, workflows, and pre-built campaigns.

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Because interoperability is such a vital feature, ActiveDEMAND has been designed to work with other online tools including GotoWebinar, GotoMeeting, CRMs, social media platforms, analytic platforms and more. But while this interoperability exists in its protocol, ActiveDEMAND is more of a comprehensive tool built to eliminate the need for multiple, disparate platforms such as email marketing tools, social media management tools, call tracking software and landing page builders. Now, with ActiveDEMAND, all of this is embedded into one easy-to-use tool.

ActiveDEMAND seamlessly integrates with GoToWebinar to provide all the features you need to host a webinar. With GoToWebinar you get a powerful online meeting platform that includes polling questions, surveys, multiple presenters, Q&A, video, screen sharing and more. When using ActiveDEMAND and GotoWebinar together, ActiveDEMAND will automatically log all registration and attendee information within specific contact records. GotoWebinar Polling & survey responses, attending time, Q&A and other information is automatically sync’d to ActiveDEMAND and can be used to trigger events.

ActiveDEMAND also provides customized appointment scheduling apps that integrates with GotoMeeting. It is easy to build an appointment scheduler for all your sales staff and everyone else in your company with ActiveDEMAND:

- Link the schedule directly with your Google Calendar
- Automatically create GoToMeeting links
- Automatically follow up with the attendees to ensure no one misses an appointment
- Create a custom appointment scheduler for every sales person in your company
- White labeling available for all schedules!


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How To Install

1. In ActiveDemand, Go to Administration>Account Settings>Third Party Applications. Click the Add Application Button. Select “GoToWebinar” from the drop-down list.

2. Authenticate your account by clicking the blue icon in the "Authenticated?" column and then signing in to GoToWebinar.

3. When GoToWebinar is authenticated, you can create an Event campaign or email for a Webinar template that can be cloned into your account.