Procore users leverage our meetings solution to ensure everyone is aligned and communicating critical updates and decisions on their projects every day. By utilizing GoTo Meeting and Procore teams can continue to stay connected regardless of their locations.
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About Procore:

Procore is transforming construction -- one of the oldest, largest, and least digitized industries in the world. With Procore you can connect your entire business process from bidding to closeout with every member of your team working together in the same system.Our construction platform connects entire project teams, from the office to the field and across companies, providing one place to work together to do what they do best -- build. Procore enables key stakeholders (owners, general contractors, speciality contractors, architects, and engineers) to collaborate across locations and devices. Our Platform helps customers increase productivity and efficiency, reduce rework and costly delays, improve safety and compliance, and have more financial transparency and accountability. In short, we build software that helps build the world.

With the Procore | GoTo Meeting integration you can:

  • Create GoTo Meetings with one click from the Procore meetings tool.
  • Join GoTo Meetings with one click from the web, mobile, meeting PDF, or email.
  • Carry over GoTo Meetings in follow-up meetings


  • GoTo Meeting Account
  • Procore Project Management Pro or Project Management Owners

How to Install

To activate your Procore and GoTo Meeting integration, please contact Procore’s Support Team at