Introducing GoToMeeting Integrations for Jive!


Did you notice the GoToMeeting icon on the left-hand side of your Jive Web screen? That’s one of the latest integrations between Jive and GoToMeeting. Jive’s GoToMeeting integrations create a frictionless experience for our Connect PRO Bundle customers as they communicate and collaborate at work.

The Connect PRO Bundle

In 2018, LogMeIn acquired Jive Communications and promised a “complementary offering” that would shape a truly unified portfolio. We made good on our promise with the Connect PRO Bundle, which includes a GoToMeeting PRO license with every Jive seat purchased.

The Connect PRO Bundle does more than offer two world-class solutions for the price of one, which saves your company a lot of money. “Along with the amazing savings, the combination of Jive Voice and GoToMeeting sets up your organization for better collaboration and more seamless work,” explained Michelle Pfister. “That’s why we’ve decided to extend the Connect Pro Bundle offer until the end of the year. And to create an even more seamless experience for our customers, we’ve created brilliant GoToMeeting integrations.”

Here are two of Jive’s GoToMeeting integrations that will enable you to experience more frictionless collaboration and communication in the workplace:

1. Launch GoToMeeting from Jive Web

With Jive’s GoToMeeting integrations, all customers with a Jive and GoToMeeting license can launch GoToMeeting directly from Jive Web. Jive Web is a softphone built into your web browser, so that means “anywhere you have an internet connection, you can turn a device into a portable softphone and meeting space,” explained Ninow, Senior Product Manager.

Whether you’re using Jive Web on your computer at home, on a tablet in the airport, or on your smartphone in a neighboring building, you simply click on the icon or the link to access your GoToMeeting account.

“It’s truly that easy and intuitive,” Ninow promised. Customers don’t have to set up the integration or even push a button to enable it. Because the Jive Web integration automatically turns on, your first time (and every time) launching a meeting from Jive Web only takes two clicks. And as you can imagine, these two clicks minimize the number of tabs you manage and the frustration of switching between apps and tabs.

2. GoToMeeting Single Sign-On (SSO)

With the other Jive GoToMeeting integration, customers that log in to Jive are automatically logged into their GoToMeeting account. This is known as Single Sign-On (SSO).

Why is this so helpful? “Everyone is experiencing password overload today,” sympathized Ninow. Just consider that the average employee actively uses 36 cloud services on the job to enhance his or her efficiency. This require too much memory space and time.

Jive’s GoToMeeting (SSO) integration just makes the Jive experience easier for our Connect PRO Bundle users. While they gain two products for the price of one, our customers also aren’t burdened with two new passwords and login processes. It only takes a minute to set up Jive’s GoToMeeting SSO, and that minute will save you many more minutes in the future – if not hours.

This is especially true when you consider the host of other Jive SSO integrations: Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Microsoft. This means our Jive customers logging into their Google or LinkedIn account don’t have to worry about logging into their Jive or GoToMeeting accounts! 

It’s more than integrations – it’s UCC innovation

At face value, “Our GoToMeeting integration creates a more frictionless experience for our customers, and it moves our customers one step closer towards unlocking the potential of their workforce,” said Jim Somers.

But there’s a bigger takeaway. Somers also emphasized that, “Jive’s quick go-to-market for these GoToMeeting integrations lets our customers know that we’re serious about helping them simplify and unify their communications.”

We can’t wait to see how this emphasis on simplifying and unifying communications will lead to even larger UCC innovations as Jive and LogMeIn continue to collaborate.

Enjoy seamless communication and collaboration in the workplace

Jive’s GoToMeeting integrations sweeten the Connect PRO Bundle. To find out if you’re enrolled in the Connect PRO Bundle, visit MyAccount page. If you see Jive and GoToMeeting listed under your products, you can immediately enjoy these two world-class solutions and integrations.

If you don’t see GoToMeeting listed under your products, fix that by talking to a Jive representative about the Connect Pro Bundle