How to Customize Call Routing for Your Business

Companies are always changing — but an upcoming holiday or a new employee doesn’t have to derail your call routing. You know best when phone numbers and extensions need updates, and the GoToConnect Dial Plan Editor gives you the power at your fingertips. It’s simple to make changes in real time and visually map out call flows with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop canvas.

GoToConnect users might know the basics of their calling solution, but we’ve outlined 3 ways that make your call routing smarter, and more customized. When your customers are calling, you will know exactly where they will go, 24/7.

  1. Create endless configurations. Customize your wait times, auto attendants, voicemail boxes, sound clips, and plan exactly where incoming calls are going. This can be done easily within the Dial Plan Editor without any technical skill required. Why have a learning curve when you can have a system that just makes sense.

  2. Make changes in real time. You don’t have to wait a day, an hour, or even minutes before the dial plan is updated to the newest version. As soon as changes are made and saved, incoming calls will be routed accordingly. Phone calls will be instantly more efficient.

  3. Schedule different call patterns. If it’s a holiday, where do incoming calls go? Are you scrambling to adjust routing based on when your office is open or closed? Let GoToConnect do the work for you. Our scheduling solution provides maximum flexibility, all scheduled in advance! You can create a custom dial plan for every day of the week, at certain hours, and have unique settings for that upcoming holiday. GoToConnect removes the worry and frees you up to focus on what matters. Calls are now accounted for any day and any time.

To create a schedule:

  • In the GoToConnect admin, select “Schedules” in the left sidebar to add, name, and configure by the minute.
  • Select “Holiday” to add holidays to the schedule
  • Bring your schedule to life in the “Dial Plan” — drag and drop the schedule node from the left
  • Connect the nodes to prevent dropped calls, and you’re done!

GoToConnect’s Dial Plan Editor gives you and your business complete control over incoming calls. These features are intuitive, easy to use, and included in our monthly service charge.

Make sure you’re getting the most out of GoToConnect. Check out our support site and learn how to create a schedule in your dial plan editor.