When family meets work life: 2 generations at GoTo



As this GoTo family takes stock of what they’re grateful for this Thanksgiving, their plates are full. The self-proclaimed ‘GoTo girls’ took me through their family tree of GoGetters, starting with Olivia Olson in 2016. 

An environment rooted in kindness


 Captured: Left (Emily Jones,) middle (Whitney Jones,) right (Olivia Olson)

“I’m going to work here until I’m a stay-at-home mom,” Olivia says, “I’m not going anywhere else.” Four years into her time at the organization Olivia’s mother, Whitney came on board. A few months later her younger sister, Emily joined, followed by her older sister, Alexa – the next year.

“It’s fun to have best friends at work, but this is a whole different realm of excitement and comfort,” Olivia says. “I couldn’t imagine it any other way.” Originally on track to go into marriage counseling, Olivia decided that if she found a job she loved, she’d see where it took her. “I was getting my hair done by one of my sister’s friends, and he mentioned he knew someone in Sales at Citrix (now GoTo,) if I was interested,” Olivia says.

Olivia can recall her interview with Chuck Wilson like it was yesterday, emphasizing how kind the exchange was. “You walked into the office and felt like you wanted to work there,” Olivia says. “Through this company I’ve met people who have become family to me,” Olivia says, “like Chuck, who came to my wedding.”

A value system of appreciation


Captured: The home office of Whitney Jones, Staff Customer Care Specialist

Olivia had reached out to Anne Salgado for two years to refer Whitney for a role on her team. “When the opportunity came up in 2020, I jumped at it,” Whitney says.

“At my last job I would work overtime without pay to make sure that things were taken care of for other people, Whitney says.” But you can only go the extra mile for so long without being appreciated. “Here, my manager acknowledges that you’re a human being and have a family,” Whitney says, “and the mutual respect drives me to work harder for her." For Whitney, feeling valued by her team - as well - is the cherry on top.

“All four of us are within an hour proximity of each other, but working from home,” Whitney says, which as a homebody allows her to be herself on customer calls. “Even on hard days when you’re overwhelmed with trying to get everything done, it’s still better than your best day at another job,” Whitney says.

A kid-friendly culture


Captured: The home office of Emily Jones, Business Development Representative


Emily, her six-year-old son, and Whitney all live together. “I have my office setup in my room and my roommate is in another room but sometimes I’ll take my laptop out there,” Emily says, “and if we’re both on calls and the customer hears someone in the background, we’ll joke that it sounds like we’re in an office together.”


Though her background has been in the restaurant industry, Emily held a job at another SaaS company where she picked up on some lingo. But thanks to her generational relationship here, Emily’s knowledge spans across several departments. “I was on the team that Alexa is on now back in 2021, dealing internally with staff,” Emily says. “Now, I speak with customers who want to purchase, and my mom is trying to retain customers.”

Emily is grateful to be working remotely for a manager who can relate to the stress of parenting. “On Monday my son had the flu, and my manager who has a couple of sons was like, ‘Do what you need to do,’” Emily says. “That was huge.” During her lunch breaks Emily can be found spending time with Whitney. “It’s really cool to be able to ask, ‘How was your day at work?’ and we completely understand what each other is talking about.”

A place for each of us


Captured: Alexa Peterson, Renewals Representative

“There are two brothers on my team and it’s fun to see their dynamic,” Alexa says. Having gone to college for Fine Art and Christian Ministry, Alexa’s creative background fit well in the non-profit world. “My sisters, mom, and I have our own personalities and skillsets,” Alexa says, “and we’re not all similar in what we enjoy and can do.”

GoTo is a company where you can excel by utilizing your natural talents. “My last sister is a flight attendant,” Alexa says, “so we always tease her that whenever she’s done flying there’s a spot for her here.”


We like where we work. We think you will, too. Interested in joining our team? 

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