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Network Services Terms

These network services terms govern the Jive Business Continuity service (the “JBC Service”) and are subject to GoTo’s Terms of Service available at

The parties agree as follows:

  1. Basic operation.
    • 1.(a). The JBC Service will (1) monitor your wide area network for degradation likely to affect call quality, (2) alert you via email if degradation is detected, and (3) allow you to make extension-to-extension calls to other users on your local area network if you lose your internet connection. The JBC Service will not function without electrical power.
    • 1.(b).The monitoring described in section 1(a) is accomplished via software pre-installed on hardware provided to you (the “JBC Hardware”). The JBC Hardware must be connected to your local area network for the JBC Service to work.
  2. Optional analog failover.
    • 2.(a). If you have purchased optional analog failover service and experience an internet outage, the JBC Service will: (1) route your outgoing calls over an available analog telephone line; (2) prioritize outbound 911 calls over other outbound calls when all lines are occupied by outbound calls; and (3) accept incoming calls if you have an open analog telephone line and have previously specified the extension to which the calls should be directed.
    • 2.(b).The analog failover described in section 2(a) requires at least one analog telephone line, which you must obtain separately.
  3. Hardware ownership.We own the JBC Hardware and any additional hardware that we may provide you for analog failover (the “Failover Hardware”). The prices we quote to you for this hardware are solely for its use and do not convey title or any ownership interest. Upon termination of the Agreement, you must return the JBC Hardware and any Failover Hardware to us at your expense. If you fail to return the JBC Hardware or any Failover Hardware within 10 days of the termination or expiration of the JBC Service, you must pay us an amount equal to the replacement cost of the JBC Hardware and/or Failover Hardware.
  4. Third-party Software.The software on the JBC Hardware uses Qt Development Frameworks, a third-party software library owned by The Qt Company, via dynamic linking under an open source GNU LGPL v2.1 license. That license, not these terms, governs the use, reproduction, and distribution of Qt Development Frameworks. You may copy, modify, and distribute Qt Development Frameworks. You may obtain a complete machine-readable copy of the source code for Qt Development Frameworks without charge (except for the cost of media, shipping, and handling) upon written request to us. You may download a complete human-readable copy of the source code at

Last Updated: November 2018