5 Business Communication Trends in 2018


In the last decade, the Internet and mobile devices have dramatic shifted the way business is conducted. And it seems like year after year, newer and better technologies are continuously being introduced. Each new technology promises to ensure more efficient communication between customers, partners, and colleagues.

Needless to say, the importance of keeping up with the latest business communication trends are more important than ever. Below are some of the most important communication trends to pay attention to in 2018.

#1. Continued adoption of Hosted VoIP solutions

Traditional landline connections are steadily dwindling as more and more people recognize the advantages that VoIP provides. Right now, there are already close to one billion VoIP users worldwide. This number is poised to increase this year. This is especially evident among businesses leveraging Hosted VoIP as a way to manage cost, improve flexibility, and gain better control of their communication system.

#2. Greater shift towards mobility

Studies suggest that mobile employees will comprise nearly 75 percent of the US workforce by 2020. Smartphones and mobile computing devices will play a very important role in this transition.

Business communication trends have become increasingly mobile in the last few years—thanks to the Internet and advancement in mobile technology. Coupled with employees demanding flexible working schedules, the need for tools that will ensure productivity inside and outside the office is rising.

#3. Greater adoption of collaboration tools

Apart from platforms that will streamline communication in the workplace, the need to support better collaboration in the office and remotely is also important. To ensure this, businesses are turning to web-based applications that offer seamless communication and a way for employees—both working in-house or remotely—to collaborate and work together with ease.

#4. Integrating and simplifying communication tools

Seamless integration between your business applications can streamline all your coordination and collaborative needs. This can include merging cloud-based business phone system functionality into your computer, or installing apps that will enable talk, chat, text, and conferencing on your mobile device.

Advancements in technology mean you now have the opportunity to simplify all your mobile tools and streamline all the multiple communication platforms to make life easier.

#5. Digital workspaces are going to be more sophisticated

With more focus on workplace flexibility and work from home options, digital workspaces are fast trying to keep pace with the needs of employees.

This goes further than providing functionalities such as voice and email communications. It’s a combination of cloud-based tools, unified communications, and web-based collaboration apps that can integrate data and facilitate communication. All these components can ensure productivity and encourage better teamwork.

Take note of these trends to ensure you are optimizing your business communications and meeting the demands of the modern workplace. If you want to explore options for Hosted VoIP, feel free to contact us at Jive.

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