Another Day, Another Way: Start Your Meetings by Phone! - GotoMeeting


We understand there isn’t always a need to share your screen during a meeting. And sometimes, having to launch a full-blown GoToMeeting session feels like an extra step that isn’t always necessary. In cases like these, a meeting initiated by phone delivers a similar and effective outcome. As a result, our team has launched a new way to start your GoToMeetings: by phone!

GoToMeeting now allows Organizers to start a meeting by dialing the provided toll or toll-free phone numbers in the meeting invitation. There is absolutely no need to launch a GoToMeeting application (web, desktop, or mobile) to start your meeting. Let’s take a closer look at each participant’s experience and best practices.

As an Organizer:

  • Be sure to set an Organizer PIN in your GoToMeeting Settings. Why? Well, two reasons:
    • For security purposes, since you should be the Organizer for your own meeting
    • For reporting purposes, since any meeting you start by phone will now appear in your Meeting History
  • When you’re ready to start your meeting by phone, simply call the toll or toll-free number of your meeting. Press the asterisk (*) key to confirm you are the Organizer and enter your Organizer PIN, followed by the pound (#) sign.
  • You can still manage your meeting from the phone by using these keypad commands
  • Be sure to listen to the attendee list, which will help you identify unknown callers
  • Enable the “on-hold” beeps. This will help attendees who call into the meeting know they have successfully joined the session.
  • If you have the “Attendees can share their screen without asking for presenter rights” enabled, just remember that attendees who join using any of the GoToMeeting applications can share their screen without your permission.

As an Attendee:

  • You can join the meeting from any and all avenues: GoToMeeting’s desktop app, web app, mobile app, or by phone
  • If you decide to join by phone, dial the toll or toll-free phone number and access code provided on the meeting invite
  • If you decide to join by using any of our GoToMeeting applications, you will see the default Viewer until the meeting is over
  • If your Organizer has enabled attendees to share their screen without presenter rights, you’ll have option to share your screen during the session

It’s clear there’s no shortage of options for starting and joining meetings. So, what else is out there? Take a look at what’s available for our GoToMeeting users to discover more ways to have successful meetings from start to finish!