GoToMeeting vs. Adobe Connect

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Team is using GoTo meeting software to meet through their laptops or mobile devices.

Adobe Connect or GoToMeeting?
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What is Adobe Connect?

Adobe Connect Meetings is a web conferencing solution with two tiers of meeting plans with discounts on annual plan purchases, but unlike GoToMeeting does not offer a free tier. As with GoToMeeting, the Adobe Connect paid plans all have VoIP or call-in audio options, although the call-in audio for Adobe Connect is provided by a third party. GoToMeeting and Adobe Connect also both offer personal meeting rooms and free mobile apps; however, Adobe Connect does offer a few features that GoToMeeting does not, including polls, whiteboard and up to 100 webcams.

What are some key differences between Adobe Connect and GoToMeeting?

Ease of use

Adobe Connect users must have Flash installed or download it to use the product. Also, Adobe Connect is sometimes purchased through a third party provider which has some pitfalls. For example, customers who purchase this way will not receive some often-used features like the Outlook calendar plugin or hybrid audio.


In Adobe Connect, meeting attendees can only use the microphone and webcam options after the organizer grants access. This is both frustrating for the attendee and cumbersome for the organizer.


When Adobe Connect is purchased through a third party provider the customer will not receive support directly from Adobe. The result is a dependency on the third party to log and track all first and second level support requests.

Two people are using GoTo meeting software to meet through their mobile devices.

Why should I choose GoToMeeting over Adobe Connect?

A person using GoTo meeting’s secure software through their laptops or mobile devices.

Meetings made easy

GoToMeeting allows users to instantly join (no download required) from desktop or mobile devices. This makes web conferencing available to more visitors and more accessible in restricted IT environments.


GoToMeeting offers high definition video on all meetings and allows the participant the control of turning their webcams on and off.


VoIP is available for all GoToMeeting plan tiers, but for customers that want the option of a unified voice solution for toll-free, integrated audio, learn more about GoToConnect.

Built for business

GoToMeeting offers US based support 24/7 via email, phone and an online support center. GoToMeeting has dedicated account managers and onboarding professionals for a smooth deployment and a passion for customer success.
  • “GoToMeeting remains one of the easiest conferencing platforms to use, and the videoconference feature keeps the application relevant, especially as new users and products flood the market all the time.”
    PC Mag
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  • “GoToMeeting gives us the ability to work with a technology that is dependable and infinitely scalable.”
    Dana Fox
    Director of Global Business Development,
    Athena Software
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  • “The main goal was video and screen sharing. That’s a big portion why we chose GoToMeeting, and our clients have been really happy to try it.”
    Marc Lalande
    Chief Information Officer & Partner,
    Sid Lee Agency
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All the features you’d expect, and more

  • Integrations

    Seamless integrations with top applications like Slack, Outlook, Google Calendar, Microsoft Teams.

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  • Combined video and screen sharing 

    View the webcam gallery plus a shared presentation or application on the same screen.

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  • Customer support

    Extensive 24/7 customer support and trainings, video libraries, guides, etc.

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  • Secure by design

    Keep your video communications safe with security features like 256-bit encryption.

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  • Cloud recording

    Access and share meeting recordings at any time, from any device with cloud recording.

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  • Custom backgrounds

    Customize your webcam background so you can truly work from "anywhere". 

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