Success Story: Ormsby & Rhodes

Ormsby & Rhodes To ensure staff working remotely could continue communicating professionally with clients and colleagues using their mobile phones, Ormsby & Rhodes decided to expedite the transition from its outdated PBX system to a cloud-based phone solution. Having evaluated cloud phone systems from three different vendors, the accountancy firm chose GoTo Connect. The firm was impressed by the simplicity and flexibility of the system, and its professional presentation by GoTo. Crucially, it would enable all staff to make and receive calls using their mobiles via the main office phone number. GoTo partner and local IT specialist DgTek managed the seamless transition to GoTo Connect, including porting over phone numbers, installing new desk phones and troubleshooting any teething problems. 
Ormsby & Rhodes is one of the longest-established accounting firms in Ireland. Founded in Dublin in 1911, the firm has nine partners and 50 staff and is consistently ranked among Ireland’s top 20 firms. It is the Irish member of BKR International.

“GoTo Connect has made communicating with clients far easier, enabling people to use their own devices while connecting to our cloud phone system. The support we’ve received from GoTo and DgTek has been excellent, and we now have the modern and flexible phone system we’ve long desired.”


-Justin Brady

Director of Business Services, Ormsby & Rhodes

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