What’s new: Improved in-app navigation and voicemail recording



You spoke and we listened. Check out the latest GoTo Connect product updates based on feedback from our customers.

What’s new:

  1. A better experience with in-app navigation
    Our goal is to make the GoTo app better and better. Your activity pages got a full redesign based on user feedback. Before, your voice and messaging history was bundled under “activity” or “voicemail” on your left-hand navigation. Now, we’ve simplified this user experience. Instead, start with the specific area: phone or messaging. Under Phone, you can click calls or voicemail to view relevant activity. Under messaging you can select all text messages. It's easy! 



  3. Voicemail recording from desktop
    We want our customers to have the same experience whether they are using the mobile, web, or desktop app. Now, users can record voicemail greetings right from the web and desktop app. Before you had to use the mobile app or desk phone, but this update changes the game. Voicemail settings are also easier to find than before, located where you record a voicemail greeting. Simply navigate to the voicemail icon under “Phone.” Record your voicemail greeting and update email notification settings, voicemail password, and more all in one place with just a few clicks.





  5. Texting improvements
    In the messaging area of your web or desktop app, you’ll find a few new improvements:
  • You can now see the text history with a contact. Before, you had to send a new text for that history to be revealed.
  • If turned on by your admin, you can toggle between numbers or extensions to send a text from for new conversations.
  • You can see more contacts in the left-side panel than before, with the ability to load more.
  • And finally, we’ve added “message” to the click-to-call functionality. Simply select a contact to send a text from the GoTo app.



Be sure to download the latest version of the mobile app to see the most recent features and updates. You can also enable auto updates so you don’t miss out.

2022 was filled with improvements and updates that customers like you told us were important! Some of the most impactful included audio quality improvements, group text, and a chatbot on our support site for quicker assistance. Need a refresher? You can browse “what’s new” blog posts from April and August.




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