VoIP Telephone Options

Jive offers VoIP business phone service. VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, takes traditional analog audio signals and converts them into digital data. This digital data is then transmitted via the Internet.

Why VoIP? Traditional analog telephones cost a small fortune, with telephone companies charging for local calls, long distance and international calls. Jive charges a flat rate per user (based on a five-tier program) and features the benefits of unlimited calling. This allows businesses to predict their telephone bills each month, allowing them to turn their standard internet connections into a telephone connection. 

There are two standard types of hosted VoIP telephones.

  • Computer – This utilizes a desktop integration platform that allows employees to make phone calls via their computer. Jive’s extremely user-friendly database makes this migration simple. An operator only needs the simple addition of a sound card, speakers and a microphone (or voice compatible headset).
  • IP Phones – Jive offers a number of VoIP handsets, conference phones and sidecars, all compatible with Jive’s VoIP platform. These telephone look like standard analog telephones but instead of the standard RJ-11 connector, they connect to the phone system via a RJ-45 Ethernet connector. This then connects directly to a company’s router.

The beauty of VoIP hosted systems is that they not only help reduce companies’ overhead, saving thousands of dollars, but they offer flexibility and convenience. VoIP streams calls through a network. These calls are routed through circuit switches into the Internet Protocol gateway. Once received, the call is then decompressed, reassembled and routed through local circuit switches.

VoIP offers a number of advantages, including allowing employees to connect anywhere where a broadband connection is available. This allows employees to have telephone access on trips or even from the comfort of their home office.

Jive also allows VoIP users to check their voicemail and attach digital voice message via email. Additionally, Jive offers a number of features, including auto attendants, call logs, call queues, voicemail, call reports, find-me follow-me, caller ID, unified messaging, speed dial, music on hold, message on hold, custom schedules, call routing, desktop integration, remote access, virtual extensions, online fax, LDAP integration, dial-by-name directories, ring groups, call transfers, calling forwarding, Visual Dial Plan Editor, online PBX controls, call recording and intercom features.

Jive’s tiered plan is extremely affordable. Tier one accommodates one to four users and is priced as low as $29.95 per user per month. Their second tier plan accommodates five to nine users and is priced at $25.95 per user per month. Tier three is designed for 10-24 users at $23.95; Tier four 25-49 users, $22.95; and Tier five 50 or more users, $21.95.