Remote Work Doesn't Have to Be Lonely! - GotoMeeting


For many people as of late, working from home has gone from a far-fetched idea to a new reality. Globally, more and more organizations are pushing employees to work remotely to stay safe during COVID-19.

One of the most difficult aspects of moving from the office to the field for many people is losing face-to-face interactions with their teams, leaders and coworkers. For many employees, workplace friendships are critical to their happiness and drive at work. They are what power many people through the day to not only get their best work done, but to feel productive and psychologically safe and happy at work. And happier employees mean better retention rates, company culture and overall company success.

Since I’ve been working from home for the majority of my career, I’ve learned a thing or two about how to stay close with colleagues despite rarely seeing them in person! I used GoToMeeting to record and share with you some tried and true tips to nurture healthy, meaningful and fun remote relationships. Check it out!

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