3 reasons why GoTo Resolve is made for small businesses


As part of the U.S. Small Business Administration’s National Small Business Week, we’re joining in the week-long appreciation of the contributions and hard work of small business owners and entrepreneurs in the United States. In recent years they’ve gone through the same steep challenges of business transformation and remote/hybrid work models as the world’s largest organizations. Most employees hope workplace flexibility continues. But smaller businesses have fewer tailor-made options to keep the technology side of the house running smoothly as the workplace grows more complex.

To better serve these hard-working business leaders, GoTo partnered with our friends at Frost & Sullivan to understand the impact hybrid work has had on small-and-medium-sized businesses. The 2022 survey found that hybrid work has been a net positive. More than three-quarters of respondents said that employee productivity has risen, and that company culture has been strengthened due to remote work.

What’s the catch? Three-quarters told us that the information technology (IT) workload has increased in the last year. If you’re in that three-quarters of small business leaders who think it’s time to shorten the tech stack—we get it.

1. We get IT

For nearly two decades, GoTo has focused on making solutions easy to access and fast to deploy for small businesses. We’ve taken the next logical step and created GoTo Resolve, an all-in-one IT management and support solution built to run from any device, anywhere. It consolidates remote access, support, ticketing, camera sharing, and other go-to IT tools, so no matter how many agents you have, you can stay on top of your IT infrastructure and help your employees overcome tech challenges quickly. You can guide employees in collaborative sessions, run unattended updates, and rest easy with comprehensive zero trust security.

(And if you’re still catching up with the demands of IT service management in a newly hybrid world, you’re not alone! This article will help.)

2. We know flexibil-IT-y comes first

The 2022 Frost & Sullivan survey found that most leaders (62%) strongly prefer consolidating their communication, collaboration, and IT management tools. Consolidation should walk hand-in-hand with flexibility, providing more choices for employees rather than fewer.

We know that employees want to keep their options open when it comes to choosing where and how to get work done. And we know helping them make those choices reduces employee turnover and increases satisfaction. GoTo Resolve supports this by making tech support a seamless part of a flexible work style.

Conversational ticketing makes requesting and receiving remote support as natural as a MS Teams chat. And this improves flexibility for the agents answering the questions: they can handle the entire conversation through to resolution without changing screens, even when supporting disconnected devices. Zero-download camera sharing makes it easy for employees to show their remote IT equipment (like home routers, printers, and input devices) that — surprise! — are now adopted members of your company’s tech family.

Plus, Resolve gives your organization the power to extend ticketing to other teams, like HR and finance, who can probably use some help keeping track of all the questions and requests coming in.

3. We know you value affordabil-IT-y

You face new competitive challenges every day, and greater demands on your resources than ever before. So we built GoTo Resolve to solve the IT management problems that challenge your business, without waste or fluff. We deliver 99.99% uptime, so you don’t need redundant remote support tools at extra cost just to keep your people on task and online.

By making it faster and easier for support agents to resolve issues, we help keep IT costs down. And by making it simple to explore this new approach to essential IT support solutions, we take the risk out of your budgeting decision.

Try it free!

GoTo Resolve is free for any organization to try. Our comprehensive support for PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and Chromebook means we’re ready to show how GoTo Resolve can help with all of the devices you and your employees rely on every day.

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