What’s new: Save time and hassle with the latest GoTo Connect updates



This quarter at GoTo has been BUSY with nearly 60 new features to provide communication solutions that effortlessly connect everyone for maximum productivity. Below we highlight just a few of the new features that make IT even easier.


What’s new:

Easily clean, sort and organize your address book with dynamic contact matching
Better manage your contact information with easy-to-use delete, search, and sort functionality to ensure accurate connections and effortless interactions. In the first phase of improving contact management, you will be able to edit a contact to aggregate all contact details into one contact profile within the righthand panel. To make this easier, we have added additional sorting capabilities to the contact table so you can sort by first name, last name, and phone extension. Too many ‘John Smith’ contacts with old information? No problem! Multi-select the contact entries and bulk delete. With these updates, you will be able to find the right contact quickly!


Proactively resolve potential network problems before they escalate
Don’t wait for a problem to happen. Set customizable alerts for specific network issues like network quality, network delay, network connectivity or network variance. The probe alerts will notify you when the network health score drops below your alert sensitivity level. You’ll be able to set your sensitivity level for each metric card by sliding the bar or entering in a specific score. Even better, you can add additional team members to receive alerts to allow for faster resolution and ensure less down-time.


Set up an instant response to enable an automatic text message to missed callers
You’re in an all-day client meeting and can’t get to your phone, but you’re constantly missing phone calls from other clients. With our instant response enhancements, you’ll can automatically send a text message to clients that called when you couldn’t pick up. Think of it as your out-of-office response for phone calls – and you can easily set it up in the web, desktop, or mobile app experience. Choose how often you’d like to send a message for missed calls from the same caller and specify the time zone and time period for when to send the messages. No more missed opportunities just because you couldn’t pick up the phone.

“We can make quick adjustments, add/remove employees so no call is missed. The ability to track phone calls and listen to conversations regarding customer satisfaction is a godsend." – Timothy K, Digital Manager - Automotive

Our world-class mobile experience is even better with updates to the softphone, messaging and more
GoTo mobile users will now be able to use a texting experience that is seamless between the shared and private inbox. The new experience simplifies the message creation flow so you can start a private message, see group SMS notification per conversation, and filter for archived messages for better visibility. We’ve also built out more of the mobile softphone experience to access contact info while you're on an active call, set your presence status within the mobile experience, and revamped the settings to make it consistent and simpler to use. Even more, you will be able to see the business phone number being used to make and receive calls right in your incoming, outgoing, and active call screens. Our mobile app, with 4.8 stars and over 35K reviews, will be your GoTo with these major enhancements!

"The easy to use admin center has made life easier every day. I have tried many other platforms but I always can convince someone that GoTo Connect is better and more efficient.” GoTo Connect User review

Offering more information and optimizing your e911 flow for better experiences 
You spoke and we listened. We’re improving the e911 flow to add a current location confirmation. The flow will allow a user whose location is set by their admin to also have access to the location information from the GoTo app. If you or another user dial 911, you will be prompted to confirm your address. Once you confirm, we’ll direct the call to your local PSAP. If you’re unable to confirm, we will automatically direct you to the national PSAP which will connect you to the right service point for your emergency. By providing you the opportunity to confirm your location, we’re enhancing the experience so you won’t have to worry.

Bringing more usability in our visual fax update
We’re excited to share that our visual fax is not only available in the mobile app, but now also available in the GoTo desktop app and web experiences to make the process of receiving a fax much simpler and more intuitive. Within the first phase of this update, you’ll find a new fax activity page, similar to the call history and voicemail pages, allowing users to view and access faxes received. You will see a preview of the fax and can open the fax in a pop-up window which allows you to read, download, or delete. Enjoy a simpler and more reliable method to send important documents with any device!

Navigate the GoTo app more efficiently with global search
We’ve all been there before – you’re in a meeting and a name is mentioned that you don’t recognize and want to look up. Good news: we’ve updated our search functionality to make it more centralized and available across the GoTo app experience. So instead of leaving the meeting experience, you can quickly search for the name in the global search bar and see the contact details. Within this first release, you’ll also be able to initiate a call or message directly from the search results. You’ll never again have to leave the experience you’re working in to find the contact you need or to create a new contact.

Want to learn more about the latest updates from GoTo Connect? Check out our new webinarwhere we will cover all these topics and more.


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