Extension Dialing: Connect Your Offices in 5 Digits or Less


Growth is good—until you have to set up extension dialing for all the new employees and departments. Maybe you’ve outgrown your office or hired someone out of state. Or maybe you’re going BIG and opening up an out-of-state office, or acquiring another company. This is exciting, but also brings a new set of headaches with it.

At Jive, we’ve been there. A lot. We built our products to help unite your offices so your communications are easier to manage and so your employees work more effectively together.

In-Office Extensions vs. Extensions in the Cloud

With an on-site phone system, extension dialing is made possible by installing a private branch exchange (PBX) at each of your locations. Unfortunately, the hardware and service costs can start to add up real fast. It’s also clunky because you have to dial out of your office and connected with that extension. It adds up to a lot of extra digits to dial, and time lost.

Jive removes those extra steps so that a company with offices in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles (for example) can communicate between locations as if everyone were just a cubicle away. They can also transfer customer calls between locations as if they were all working in the same building.

Distance Doesn’t Matter in the Cloud

Jive’s PBX is located in the cloud. All the extensions reside in the cloud as well and are accessed using your Internet connection. Because they exist in the cloud, geographic distance doesn’t really matter. Even if your employees are distributed across several different office locations, countries, or continents, they can still connect via a simple extension number. Additionally, making any moves, adds, or changes to extensions can be done online without having to call a technician or make any physical changes to the hardware.

One System, Multiple Locations

Jive isn’t just the phone system provider, we’re also a client. We’ve had to manage extensions across multiple buildings, with employees and departments constantly shifting to encourage efficiency. We know how beneficial it is to not have those equipment and upkeep costs, and to have all your employees just a 3, 4, 5, or 6-digit extension dial away from each other, regardless of their location. It also helps deliver a unified experience to customers, which adds valuable credibility to your company’s image.

Check out what one of one customers said about our extension dialing across multiple offices:

“We use Jive’s transferring feature between multiple locations the most, and it’s very easy. We have multiple lines that give us the ability to have voicemail, transferring calls to get from one call location to another.”

-Lisa, Orlando FL