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  • Education and Learning

The Intellum platform integrates seamlessly with GoTo Meeting, GoTo Training and GoTo Webinar to ensure organizations have all of the tools needed to create, deploy, manage, track, and continuously improve highly-personalized, engaging education experiences and live events for customers, partners and even employees.

Intellum provides the customer education platform that large brands and fast-moving companies rely on to improve product utilization, customer retention and revenue. Intellum's scientific, data-driven approach is based on 20+ years of industry experience. When you combine live events with product training, knowledge management, certification and user community interactions on the Intellum Platform, you get a full-blown customer and partner experience that is built to drive revenue, increase adoption and improve retention.

  • As the world's first customer education platform, Intellum helps clients create customized learning initiatives that are designed to drive improvements in product utilization, customer retention and revenue.
  • The Intellum Platform provides a single destination for all of the live experiences and on-demand content you create to engage and educate your customers including customer onboarding, product training, live webinars, and virtual user conferences.
  • Increase visibility of your education initiatives by capturing the interactions and content consumption that happen within GoTo Meeting, GoTo Training and GoTo Webinar on the Intellum Platform.

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This article below walks you through integrating these tools through the Intellum platform as an Admin; it also connects you to other resources related to web conferencing in the platform. 

For additional questions and assistance, please reach out to your assigned Intellum Customer Success Manager.