Success Story: COSMOTE

COSMOTE The proliferation of smart devices and greater interconnectivity has increased complexity for customers and heightened demand for expert technical support. 

COSMOTE began using Rescue – part of the GoTo family of products – in 2011 to improve its remote technical support. However, increasingly complex consumer problems meant technical customer support representatives were often engaged in lengthy conversations trying to understand the nature of an issue and how to resolve it. Problems that could not be fixed over the phone would then require a field technician to visit the customer’s home.

COSMOTE initiated a proof of concept for Live Lens, beginning with internal trials and a small-scale pilot. The successful trial resulted in COSMOTE integrating Live Lens into its “COSMOTE UFixit” service, which was already supported by Rescue + Mobile from GoTo. COSMOTE ended up purchasing 28 Live Lens licences, each allowing three agents to use the tool. This enabled the company to create a pool of 84 Live Lens technical support representatives.

Rescue Live Lens has improved their customer experience and has enabled faster and more efficient resolution of customer calls. 
COSMOTE is the uniform commercial brand of the OTE Group. The OTE Group is the largest fixed & mobile network operator in Greece, offering fixed and mobile telephony, broadband, pay TV and ICT services. Headquartered in Athens, the OTE Group is the largest technology company in Greece. It is currently the largest company listed in the Athens Stock Exchange, according to market capitalization.

“Bringing the premises of our customer to the eyes of our call center agents, Live Lens enables customer problems to be addressed easily and more quickly, and enables first-time call resolution for many complex issues that would otherwise require a home visit.”


-Nikos Androutsopoulos

Customer Service and Process Design Senior Specialist, COSMOTE

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