Winner's mindset: Inside the Sales team at GoTo



The SoHo (small office/home office) team at GoTo comprises people from different walks of life who are alike in two ways: they have grit and a desire to win. And in this fast-moving and customer-centric environment, winning is nurtured. So, what does it take to join a team that provides relevant solutions to customers and builds deep bonds with one another? “Effort is the price of admission for your seat,” says Derek Keller, Vice President of Business Development. “That’s the only qualification I ask you to bring; my responsibility is to teach you how to sell.”

During Derek’s college football days, being a part of a diverse locker room was the norm. Having that exposure to a collaborative group of people – from different backgrounds – who come together to achieve a common goal, paired with his first female leader in the workforce has shaped his value of inclusion. “I wouldn’t be half the compassionate or emotionally intelligent manager I am today without her influence,” says Derek. 

In 2021, GoTo partnered with LaunchSource to identify sales talent from all over the United States. Today, each member of the SoHo team’s superpower is being able to relate to customers who come from similar backgrounds as they do. Here are their stories.


“When I first got hired, I said I want to start at the complete bottom; I like to climb.” – Juliana Gigas

Having bartended since she was 18, Juliana is no stranger to the sales world. “I befriended a patron who works for GoTo,” says Juliana, which is how she got connected with an account executive. “When I first got hired, I said I want to start at the complete bottom; I like to climb,” says Juliana. It was important to Juliana to know the ins and outs of every position, rather than being thrown into something and skipping ahead. “The more knowledge you have is powerful.” Since coming on board, Juliana has climbed the ladder and grown tremendously. “What I love about this company is that you can start with no knowledge, and they’ll teach you,” says Juliana.


“If you want to progress at GoTo, be vocal about it.” – Calvin Negron

In his five years as a real estate agent, Calvin always liked closing deals. Helping clients progress with their business and crafting the art of closing keeps Calvin energized at GoTo. “You know how the call is going to go within the first five seconds,” says Calvin. “When I can tell it’s not going to be successful, I end it on a good note by making sure the customer feels they have somebody they can trust.” Everyone on Calvin’s team has their own specialty. “We’re always learning from each other,” says Calvin. The key to having fast career development at GoTo – according to Calvin – is to put your head down, match the workload, and go full throttle. “If you want to progress at GoTo, be vocal about it.”


“Don’t be afraid to dive in, you’re never going to learn unless you do fail.” – Elizabeth Loschen

It was Elizabeth’s passion for communicating with others that landed her in sales. “No one is going to suddenly want a phone system,” says Elizabeth, “they have a pain point, and we have to help them fix it.” The goal of a BDR is to set a meeting for an account executive, and some days there are no conversations being had on the other end of the line. While it can be hard to stay patient, Elizabeth stresses the importance of trusting the process. In Elizabeth’s experience, not everything will go perfectly or is a win. “Don’t be afraid to dive in,” says Elizabeth. “You’re never going to learn unless you do fail.”


“This is my first time being part of an organization that cares about what I do as it pertains to my six-month or twelve-month plan.” – Bennett Foley

Bennett came to GoTo from Talkdesk because he heard great things about Derek, who used to work there. “I never crossed paths with him,” says Bennett, “but eventually we got in touch, and he valued me from the start.” Bennett’s coworkers keenly understand that they’re as strong as their weakest link. “Everyone is willing to help each other out,” says Bennett. To balance work and play, the team bonds over their unique hobbies. “I could tell you something about everybody,” says Bennett. For Bennett, this is his first experience in an organization that cares about what he does regarding his six-month or twelve-month plan. “It turns this concept of what can I do for my company and my managers into what can my company and my managers do for me?”


“If I can find success in it, I’ll do whatever I can to continue building off it.” – Hammad Khan

After six years of service in the military, Hammad began shopping on LinkedIn for his next opportunity. “I never saw myself in sales,” says Hammad, “but it’s the competitiveness in me.” After three months at GoTo, Hammad helped build out an outbound team from the bottom up and became a team lead. “It’s been a wild ride,” says Hammad. “I was the top BDR for two quarters in a row, and it felt great.” Hammad leans on his team to discuss the challenges that they face. “Everybody has their own strength in how we handle different situations,” says Hammad. Not only does the team help Hammad stay calm, but they also motivate him to keep being better. “Give me as much as possible, because I like to work,” says Hammad. “If I can find success in it, I’ll do whatever I can to continue building off it.”


“I’ve always been a go-getter, once I set a goal, I go really hard at it.” – Erwin Soto

Erwin was in banking for nine years before his industry shift. “One day a guy who works for GoTo came in and asked, ‘Have you ever thought about working from home?’” The idea of taking this opportunity was hard for Erwin since he had been in one industry for so long. “But I’ve always been a go-getter,” says Erwin, “once I set a goal, I go really hard at it.” Within one year at GoTo, Erwin has been promoted three times. “As a BDR you’re spending a lot of time on the phone,” says Erwin, “and going through rejection can be a tough part of the job.” But what keeps Erwin fulfilled each day is seeing how hard work pays off. “Your wins counteract the hard parts,” says Erwin.


“I knew how to work hard – and did that every day – and GoTo handled the rest for me.” – Bishop Jones

After ending his football career in 2020, Bishop began scoping out his next move. “My brother-in-law’s father worked at GoTo previously – while I was working with kids at a youth behavioral home – and asked if I would be open to stepping into the world of sales,” says Bishop. When Bishop got hired, he worked hard every day, and GoTo handled the rest for him. “I don’t think you’ll find a more encouraging, nurturing, and welcoming leadership staff than at GoTo,” says Bishop. Bishop and team have maxed out the number of emojis that you can put in a Slack message in response to their manager posting about a win. Though it was difficult to fully understand GoTo’s products during his onboarding, Bishop has been promoted every quarter. “It’s a testament to them, that they’re watching, and rewarding,” says Bishop.



We can describe the GoTo culture in so many ways. The truth is – the culture is yours for the making. When people of different backgrounds, industries, and ways of life come together toward a common goal, that’s special. That’s what our SoHo team represents. A winning mentality, and a GoGetter spirit. If that sounds like something you’re interested in, see our open Sales roles.

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