Unlocking success: GoTo’s winning formula for achieving profitability and nurturing happy partnerships


The success of a global partner program may seem daunting, but it can be boiled down to open communication between our partners and never compromising on quality of our support and products. Just some of the reasons why GoTo's NPS score is consistently +20 points above the competition. 

Partnerships: My main priority 

It's not just business; it's a camaraderie. We're not just out there selling UCaaS, CCaaS and remote IT solutions, we're building relationships. 

Lucrative partnerships: Our partners are not just partners, they’re also part of our GoTo family. We've got their back with competitive commissions and incentives to make sure there are plenty of opportunities to attain significant payouts. 

Knowledge is power: We equip our partners with the tools and know-how to conquer the UCaaS and IT world. From in-depth training to providing the right resources, we're all about making them GoTo superstars. 

In it together: We don't make decisions in a vacuum. Our partners have a say in our strategies (cue our biannual partner survey and Advisory Boards). We value their insights, and it's a partnership-driven roadmap we follow. 

Profitability without the heartache 

We also know that profitability is the name of the game. We'll continue to find the right balance to keep our partners profitable. 

Smart cost management: We've got cost management down to a science, fine-tuning our strategy to ensure profitability without cutting corners on quality. 

Scalability for success: Our solutions keep growing and adapting as our customers' needs evolve, bringing in extra revenue streams for partners.

Price to thrill: Our pricing strategy is a crowd-pleaser. We stay competitive in the market, attracting more customers while never sacrificing on service.

NPS scores that shine – and a peek into 2024 

Is it working? We think so. We rely on our partner NPS scores, which consistently surpass industry benchmarks by +20 points! An achievement that reflects the satisfaction with our partner-centric approach. 

Committed to excellence: We're all about delivering top-tier service, making every interaction a delight, and our partners are responding with enthusiasm and loyalty. 

Listening ears: We listen to the feedback and adapt our programs to cater to our partners’ needs. Our door is always open to suggestions, ideas or input that can help us grow together. 

Fix fast: No "quick fixes" here! We acknowledge the issues, and we work to solve them asap. We still have plenty to do but our transparency here helps turn partners from happy to "top NPS score" happy! 

Looking forward to 2024, we've got some exciting plans in the works. Our journey isn't just about UCaaS, CCaaS and IT support; it's about holistic solutions and building a community that can bring more success to everyone in this network. So rest assured, we're here for you and your customers, every step of the way. Thanks for joining us on this adventure, and stay tuned for more updates from the GoTo Partner Network! 

Not a current GoTo Partner? Grow your business with the GoTo portfolio

With IT and business communication tools like GoTo Connect, LogMeIn Rescue, GoTo Resolve, and more, it’s easy to scale your business as a GoTo Partner. Our Partners stand out from the competition by offering their customers a consolidated solution of communications and remote IT support.

Discover how your customers can benefit from our powerful tools or how you can partner with GoTo. 

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