Remote Work Pro Tips, Episode 3: The Relationship Building - GotoMeeting


Last month, we debuted a video tip series with his advice on the best remote work technology and tools, followed with getting set in the right environment. Today, Mark addresses how to build and maintain relationships within a geographically dispersed workforce. Check it out!

While meeting audio is crucial and is the least common denominator of any meeting, 93% of communication is non-verbal, meaning signals like behavioral patterns and body language are critical to human communication. Whether it’s subtle nod or a yawn, we practice it every day when we’re in the office, using these behaviors to inform how we communicate with our peers.  

But when we work remotely, much of that context can be lost. So let’s talk through some ways to forge stronger connections with our teammates, even when working far apart from each other. 

  • Encourage use of video. See and be seen, so everyone can read each others’ body language. 
  • Involve everyone in meetings. If you’re the meeting leader, take charge to make sure everyone is represented.  It’s often too easy for someone who is naturally introverted to avoid joining the conversation over video. Make a conscious effort to solicit inputs from all remote attendees, and discourage people from talking over one another. 
  • Create virtual “water cooler” moments. While enabling video helps tremendously here, so many other important interactions happen outside of meetings. A chat application like Slack or GoToMeeting Messenger provides an open line of communication that brings virtual teams together, letting them riff on ideas and other happenings without needing to be in the office. 
  • Network, network, network! It’s much easier to nurture relationships with colleagues remotely once you’ve met them in person. So when you can return to the office, make the rounds! Even something as small as a shared lunch or cup of coffee can ensure your future interactions are more familiar, trustworthy and effective. 

Stay tuned next week, for Episode 4: The Pitfalls (And How to Avoid Them!) to learn how to overcome the struggles associated with working and living in the same environment.

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