Non-Profit OSAAT Gives Students in Rural India the Tools for Success


One School at a Time (OSAAT) is a non-profit organization committed to empowering children to stay in school and break the cycle of poverty in their families and communities. When Mission Possible, LogMeIn’s corporate social responsibility program, first began its collaboration with Government Higher Primary School in the Kattemalalavadi village of Karnataka, India through OSAAT in early 2018, even the headmaster was doubtful that the school’s physical infrastructure could be turned around. Moreover, the OSAAT administration lacked a reliable and effective conferencing utility for staying connected with one another regardless of their location. Since then, Mission Possible has supported OSAAT’s work in a variety of ways – including employee giving, volunteer time and GoToMeeting licenses.

The renovation of Government Higher Primary School was made possible in June of 2019 with the facilitation of the Mission Possible ambassadors in Bangalore, with LogMeIn co-sponsoring the construction of four new classrooms. Now, students are able to sit and learn in classrooms that only months had to be avoided on rainy days. Mission Possible ambassador Siddu Mareppa was honored to attend the school opening ceremony: “It was great to see the smiles on the students' and teachers’ faces. They were so excited,” said Mareppa. The project improved learning conditions for over 500 students in Kattemalalvadi, and these four classrooms accommodate around 200 students daily.

When other conferencing solutions proved to be ineffective in forging connections and increasing productivity, additional support from GoToMeeting was a welcomed improvement. Now, members of the administration are enabled to connect remotely through the GoToMeeting web-hosted service, which also offers them reliable video conferencing, screen sharing and information distribution. Administration members can stay connected without interruption no matter where they are, so their mission-critical work never has to slow down. According to OSAAT’s Operational Chief, Balakrishna Rao, “Because of the high quality and reliability of GoToMeeting, these meetings now run smoothly.”

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OSAAT Case Study

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