GoToConnect Partners with Clio to Improve Customer Service for Law Firms


At GoTo, it is our mission to make the lives of our customers easier. That often means making their relationships with their customers easier. This is why we’re thrilled to announce that GoToConnect is teaming with Clio, the leading provider of legal practice management, client intake and legal CRM software for attorneys. Clio is a global company with reaches into the EMEA market, and has over 150,000 legal professionals using their solution today.

This integration not only prevents law firms from experiencing billable leakage, which costs law firms an average of $20K to $40K, per year, per attorney, but also allows firms to offer a better overall customer experience through personalized greetings, easier scheduling and higher security. In addition to automating billable hour activity to mitigate financial loss, attorneys are also able to automate time spent on individual matters.

How the integration works:

GoToConnect's Clio integration is tied into Clio Manage. It allows a screen-pop to be pulled for clients on both incoming and outgoing calls. The screen-pop contains any notes that have been made in the user interface and saved into the client record. After all, when clients call, they expect you to know who they are and remember your past interactions, this interaction does just that!

In addition, your firm expects you to document all billable hours. With GoToConnect and Clio, your call history is automatically stored in the client’s contact record within Clio. This gives users the ability to attach every call, as well as the attorney responsible, to a matter – or specific case – directly from the screen-pop. That information is then automatically saved under the matter in Clio and can be time-tracked with the associated billable hours and fees.

Benefits of using GoToConnect's Clio integration:

GoToConnect is more than a phone system. It’s a collaboration platform that boosts your productivity and, with Clio, tracks every billable communication. With GoToConnect and Clio, you can:

  • Stop billable leakage. Keep track of billable hours by capturing your phone communications with your clients, all through a convenient, easy-to-use interface.
  • Enhance client interaction. Focus on your customer rather than scrambling to figure out who they are. When your clients call, GoToConnect automatically searches for a matching number in Clio and displays client information and notes.
  • Get automated call tracking. Attribute a recent or past call to an activity and have the billed hours automatically calculated and recorded in Clio. This will save time and help boost productivity.
  • Sync matters in Clio. Create matters or attribute matters to a call in Jive and have them instantly synced to Clio. 

The Clio integration can be used at no additional cost with your GoToConnect subscription.

So what are you waiting for?

Be prepared for every call and ensure that your law firm is maximizing its profits today. Sign up for GoToConnect to receive all of the benefits of the Clio integration.

To learn more, visit the GoTo Integrations Marketplace or give us a call at 844 333 4686.