GoTo and Microsoft provide even more flexibility for hybrid workers


We’ve said it before, and we will say it again. We are all about meeting (pun intended) our customers where they are and enabling them to do their best work on their own terms. With millions of businesses around the globe relying on Microsoft to conduct business, we know that our ecosystem should include Teams. We were excited to previously announce our Microsoft Teams and GoTo Connect integration combining the best-in-class audio of our GoTo Connect UCaaS platform with Microsoft Team’s user interface. And today we are thrilled to be expanding our Microsoft relationship. Soon, through Direct Guest Join, customers will be able to join GoTo Meeting sessions in Microsoft Teams Rooms.

With hybrid work the new norm, it’s more than likely most meetings you attend will include a mix of in-office and remote workers, and will be hosted across different meeting solutions, especially when working with colleagues outside of your organization. We want to make sure that in today’s multivendor environment, the technology won’t stand in the way of great collaboration.

Coming soon in the first half of 2022, with a single tap, users of both Microsoft Teams and GoTo will be able to quickly and easily join meetings within each other’s respective room systems. By leveraging the services of Microsoft and GoTo, as well as the highest quality hardware from our mutual partners, we will be able to ensure collaboration with colleagues, customers and partners is highly efficient and effective.

“Enabling seamless hybrid work experiences is at the center of everything we strive to enable with Microsoft Teams. As part of this work, we are excited to expand our Direct Guest Join options on Microsoft Teams Rooms by adding GoTo Meeting capabilities,” said Ilya Bukshteyn, General Manager, Microsoft Teams Devices. “Having the ability to join third-party meetings, like GoTo Meeting, from Microsoft Teams Rooms is becoming increasingly important as users work with external clients, customers, and partners.  More Direct Guest Join meeting options on Microsoft Teams Rooms means our users can spend less time figuring out the technology and more time getting productive work done.”

Whether your attendees are in another office, down the street in their home office, or around the globe, we’ve made it easier than ever to connect to get work done. Read Microsoft's announcement.