Success Story: RECI

RECI RECI wanted to replace its existing phone system with a more integrated, future-proof communications platform to better connect its office-based, home-based and field teams – and to provide a more efficient service to members. Its existing phone system could not integrate messaging between mobile phones and desk phones, which impacted the efficiency of call handling and communications with members. 

GoTo partner Bytek introduced RECI to GoTo Connect, the cloud-based unified phone and meeting platform. It offered everything RECI needed in a single system, with the flexibility to expand and adapt in future. RECI even opted for the Contact Center version of GoTo Connect so it could manage calls in a more professional call-center environment. 
The Register of Electrical Contractors of Ireland (RECI) is the regulator-designated safety supervisory body for electrical contractors, operating the Safe Electric regulatory scheme. It registers, audits, inspects and manages certification services for 4,200 contractors, providing safety assurances for Ireland’s 1.9m residential electricity consumers.

“By investing in GoTo Connect, RECI enhanced its ability to support members and consumers.”


-Pierce Martin

General Manager, RECI

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