What Happens When the Honeymoon Phase of "Back to the Office" Is Over? Avoiding the Pitfalls


At LogMeIn, we are putting our remote-centric strategy to the test and re-opening our United States offices in July after 15 months of remote work. While some business leaders may mandate in-office days for employees, our former CEO said “why would we?” and that “falling back into old routines will fail to recognize that while working remotely our employees are happier and more productive than ever.”

While evaluating a flexible and hybrid model, our former CEO identified four leadership pitfalls:

  1. Conveniently forgetting the benefits of remote work
  2. Thinking you have remote/hybrid work figured out
  3. Not investing in your remote workforce
  4. Ignoring meeting fatigue

You can read the full post on LinkedIn to learn how leaders can circumvent poor planning, avoid the pitfalls, and prepare the modern workforce for a return to office.