How a Hosted VoIP Solution Can Benefit Different Industries

All businesses, regardless of size or nature, are universally bound by the need to have a reliable, effective way to communicate. Efficiency and cost-effectiveness are essential in determining which tools they’ll use. And the one platform that meets these stringent criteria is Hosted VoIP.

Feature-rich, affordable, scalable and easy to implement, Hosted VoIP phone systems provide businesses numerous benefits that companies can’t ignore. Still, a lot of companies remain apprehensive about giving up their legacy systems and replacing them with newer tools. Often, their reluctance stems from assumptions that Hosted VoIP isn’t right for their industry, or that they’re too small to use such platforms. They assume their current communications requirements and needs aren’t aligned with what Hosted VoIP offers.

However, a closer look into what Hosted VoIP can do for different businesses demonstrates how various industries can benefit from it. Take a look at some below.

1. Hosted VoIP for Real Estate

Real estate agents rely on their ability to communicate quickly with prospects and leads. Problem is, they’re also constantly on the go. Legacy systems tether them to their desks, which means their productivity and ability to respond promptly is limited when they’re out viewing properties or in meetings.

Therefore, it makes sense to find a communications tool that empowers real estate agents to stay connected and productive while on the go. The various mobility features that Hosted VoIP systems offer manage this easily. For example, Find Me/Follow Me and voicemail to email functions ensure that agents don’t miss a call regardless if they’re in the office or not.

2. Hosted VoIP for Customer Care

Hosted VoIP can easily be integrated into your current customer relationship management (CRM) software. This allows most industries, specifically those requiring a lot of customer coordination and communication, to streamline their processes.

Hosted VoIP’s CRM software integration allows businesses to sync contacts and other critical software information into the phone system. You can therefore easily access customer information and cater to their needs more efficiently.

3. Hosted VoIP for Construction

Mobility features are critical for construction teams. More often than not, construction teams are comprised of geographically dispersed team members. You have administrative teams based in the office, workers based on-site, and designers, architects, as well as other stakeholders located all over the region, if not the world.

Constant communication is critical to ensure that everyone in the team is on the same page regarding the latest plans. Ensuring everyone has up-to-date information will help minimize risks, prevent delays, and avert errors.

4. Hosted VoIP for Restaurants

Is a Hosted VoIP platform even necessary for restaurants? You’d be surprised at the numerous features that can be used to ensure your dining destination becomes a preferred and customer-friendly establishment. 

For starters, the auto attendant or music on hold feature is perfect for putting callers on hold, especially if your restaurant takes deliveries. Specific features can also allow teams to simply check the Hosted VoIP dashboard to see who’s available to take calls and attend to customer inquiries. In addition, easy mobile phone integration and remote access makes it easier for the entire restaurant to maintain constant communication with in-house and mobile staff.

5. Hosted VoIP for Hotels

The hospitality industry relies greatly on guest satisfaction. Their ability to attend promptly to guests needs will ensure return visits and build brand loyalty. Nothing is worse than a guest not being able to reach the concierge because he or she was busy attending to too many calls.

Hosted VoIP’s automated assistant features help you efficiently manage the influx of calls and accurately direct calls to the correct extensions. You can automate wake-up calls for guests, and call-forwarding features mean guests can still be reached even if hotel staff step away from their work areas.

Quite simply, Hosted VoIP can help companies become more efficient and empower better communication between colleagues and customers. To learn more about what Hosted VoIP can do for your business, get in touch with us today!