The benefits of pre-recorded webinars



There are many benefits to hosting a webinar: You can reach a wider audience, generate high-quality leads, establish thought leadership positioning, build relationships with prospects, deliver content in engaging ways, and increase sales.

What if you can make webinars work even harder for you?

You can supercharge the benefits of a webinar by creating a pre-recorded version that the audience can access from anywhere using any device. You'd first record the presentation without an audience. Then, you can replay the recording at a specific time with live attendees and/or make it available on-demand.

Why you should use a pre-recorded webinar

Here's how a pre-recorded webinar can help you multiply the benefits of a webinar while making it easier to deliver a flawless and engaging experience:

Plan ahead and reduce stress

You can record the content in practice mode without an audience ahead of the scheduled broadcast time. There's no pressure to get it right the first time, and you can experiment with different ways of presenting the content to see what works best.

Save time and effort

Pre-recorded webinars let you replay a webinar recording multiple times and still deliver a simulated live experience. You can accommodate the audience's schedule to increase attendance without presenting the same content over and over. 

Gain audience insights

Put your pre-recorded webinar on GoTo Stage to reach a larger audience and track how they engage with your content. Besides their names and email addresses, you can analyze individual watch time and the total number of views and shares to help improve your future presentations.

Avoid technical hiccups

Even a minor technical issue during a live event can impact the audience experience, shake you up, and affect your performance. You don't have to worry about connectivity, sound, or video problems when you replay a pre-recorded webinar.

Eliminate unwanted interruptions

Your kid may scream in the background, or your pet may walk right between you and the camera when you're delivering a live webinar. On the other hand, you can easily edit out any interruption in a recording to create a seamless, professional presentation. 

Focus on audience interactions

Since you don't have to present the content live, you can focus on communicating with the audience when the pre-recorded webinar is running. You can build audience relationships through real-time interactions via live polls, Q&A, and surveys.  

Automate reminders and follow-ups

GoTo Webinar recorded events allow you to create custom email invitations, confirmations, and reminders to build buzz and anticipation before the event. These messages can help you keep the audience engaged and increase attendance.

Optimize content with post-production

You can edit your recording to remove mistakes, splice in visual elements, and add effects, transitions, text, or graphics to create a polished presentation. You can also include a call-to-action when appropriate to drive conversions.

Build an evergreen funnel

Make any webinar keep on giving by turning the recording into a lead magnet that replays on-demand. You can put your lead generation tactic on autopilot to build trust with your audience and drive conversions with minimum effort.

How To Record a Webinar For Replay

You'll need screen recording software to record a webinar. Also, set up good lighting, test your microphone, and have a background that won't distract the audience.

While many screen recording tools are available on the market, few allow you to easily turn your pre-recorded webinar into a live event or on-demand replay. That's why businesses of any size trust GoTo Webinar to help them deliver a seamless event experience.

Instead of cobbling together different tools, sweating the technical details, and worrying about issues during your presentation — you can record a webinar, schedule it to launch at any time, or turn it into an on-demand replay with just a few clicks.

Simply record the content like you're presenting live. Then, schedule a new event and select "recorded" as the webinar type. Choose the recording you just created, pick a date, and click "schedule now." You're all set!

To engage your audience and make the experience as vibrant as a live event, you can incorporate polls, add handouts, and configure Q&A settings to support real-time interactions. You can also copy over polls, titles, descriptions, and more from a previous webinar recording, so you don't have to reinvent the wheel.

Ready to tap into the power of pre-recorded webinars? Try GoTo Webinar for free and see our handy features in action. 

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