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Maintain a personal face-to-face connection and add a new level of engagement to your webinars with GoToWebinar + Prezi Video. It’s you and your content on screen together in real time.
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Webinars have always come with a choice: Do you maintain a personal face-to-face connection, or dedicate most of your screen real estate to your graphics and text?

Now you no longer have to choose. Prezi Video puts you and your content together on screen like no other video maker can. Combine it with GoToWebinar and run webinars that keep your audience focused and engaged from start to finish.

How To Install

You can 'go live’ with just a few simple clicks. Webinars just got a lot more interesting. Signup for an account or log into your Prezi account to begin downloading the Prezi Video app. If you are already logged in, you can download the Prezi Video desktop app for Windows or Mac here.

Open the Prezi Video desktop app, choose what to live stream by either:

·Importing a PowerPoint file
·Importing from your Prezi account
·Opening a previously created Prezi video

Then just click ‘Go live’ in the Prezi Video desktop app.

You will need a GoToWebinar account to start a livestream. You will also need to change your webcam preferences to enable the ‘Prezi Virtual Camera’ from the camera list on your GoToWebinar desktop app. Once you go through this step you will see the same your content in the GoToWebinar screen. This means you’re connected and you can lead your webinar by navigating through your content. The complete installation instructions can be found, here.


· Windows 10 or newer
·  Mac 10.13 or newer


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