Fraser Public Schools Drives Education Beyond School Walls


Fraser Public Schools is a K-12 public-school district that serves over 4,800 students across nine elementary, middle and high schools in Fraser, Michigan. When the COVID-19 pandemic was starting to force neighboring states to close their schools, Fraser Public Schools knew it was only a matter of time until a similar fate would bestow itself on Michigan. School officials needed to enable teachers, principals, the Board of Education, and many other groups in the district to continue their mission critical work without missing a beat should schools close. In advance of when Michigan schools were set to close, Fraser Public Schools officials took advantage of LogMeIn’s Emergency Remote Work Kit offer and were particularly interested in using GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar.


Due to its intuitive nature and easy-to-use interface, teachers quickly latched onto GoToMeeting and started using it right away for everything from lessons and check-ins with their students to attending staff meetings and communicating with parents. Fraser Public Schools officials have also used GoToWebinar to immediately communicate critical information with all district employees.


Fraser Public School officials have been receiving an overwhelming response of praise and excitement around GoToMeeting from users in the district. “Teachers throughout the district are using GoToMeeting. Students love it because they can learn, share and a get a sense of community. School is more than just learning and quiz taking. There are a lot of social aspects that are equally important,” said Troy Lindner, CTO of Fraser Public Schools.


For the full story behind Fraser Public Schools and how they’re redefining education during these unprecedented times GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar, click the image below! 




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