5 Reasons to Switch to Hosted VoIP Today


You may be wondering why it’s worth switching to a hosted VoIP phone system if your current legacy system is working fine. Well, there are plenty of reasons why a hosted VoIP phone system will enhance your business communications. Here are five reasons you should switch to hosted VoIP today:

  • It’s cost effective for international/long distance calls
  • It provides access to advanced features
  • It’s more affordable than traditional legacy system
  • It provides the ability to work from anywhere
  • It saves you money on system upgrades and maintenance

#1. Better Rates and International Calling Plans

When it comes to international calls, many hosted VoIP providers offer affordable rates and calling plans. A large majority of hosted VoIP providers also provide free on-network calls, which further reduces the costs related to long distance and international calls.

Virtual numbers, for example, are a more affordable option that lets contact who live outside the area to easily call your business on a local number. So if you happen to call international numbers regularly, a virtual number is a great option for saving on your monthly phone costs. For instance, Jive minimizes costs by only charging $0.03 to make a call to various countries. That’s a low and consistent rate when you consider that a lot of providers will charge anywhere from $0.03 to $1.40 for international calls.

#2. Included hosted VoIP features

Numerous paid phone service features that incur charges are actually offered by hosted VoIP services for free. These include call routing, custom scheduling, find me/ follow me, auto-attendants, fax to email, voicemail to email, and unlimited call queues. And these are just a few of the many  features that are available to you with hosted VoIP! This matters. Features are important because they’ll increase the efficiency of internal communication, provide mobility for your employees, and create a better customer experience for your callers.

#3. Cost savings without a contract

Hosted VoIP phone systems do not tie you with a contract. Whereas traditional phone services can come with hidden costs and long contracts, transparent hosted VoIP providers can save you money. For example, traditional phone operators charge differing amounts depending on where the call is being made to (i.e. local or international). With hosted VoIP, the time or distance is not a major factor.

#4. Mobility at no extra charge

The majority of hosted VoIP services are mobile, allowing users to take their business communications with them wherever they go. This means calls can be made and taken from any location at no extra charge.

Furthermore, many hosted VoIP providers also have smartphone apps, enabling users to reap the benefits that their hosted VoIP service on their cell phone. Jive Mobile for instance, offers secure mobile services that uses the latest iOS and Android technologies to provide native call handling and a seamless mobile experience.

#5. Cost savings on system maintenance and updates  

Traditional phone systems involve upfront costs for implementation, servers, and phones. A cloud-based service does not impact your budget as much because the infrastructure is maintained by the service provider. Your service provider also takes care of software upgrades, and licensing and maintaining physical hardware. In fact, when getting started with most hosted VoIP phone systems, the only capital expense you may incur is in purchasing IP phones.

Switch to Hosted VoIP Today!

Having read these 5 advantages, you’ll agree that a switch to hosted VoIP will benefit your company. It will save you money, improve employee mobility, and enable more effective communication. If you are ready to switch to a hosted VoIP business phone system, or would like more information on how a hosted VoIP can improve your business operations, please do not hesitate to contact Jive today or request a personalized demo.