Ensure Unified Communications Success Across All Your Teams


We’ve talked a lot about the benefits unified communications and collaboration can bring your business. But a key aspect to maximizing those benefits is a thoughtful implementation based on usage and user needs. Not everyone at your company has the same comms and collaboration needs. Setting up a new UCC vendor means matching the existing workflows and processes to the different functionalities and features offered through UCC. This approach enables your organization to maximize the platform, identify possible bottlenecks and inefficiencies, and even look for ways to streamline processes and boost greater efficiency.

Below we've outlined some common employee profiles. Based on their business needs, here’s how UC can be best implemented for these specific groups.

Geographically Dispersed Teams 

Teams that work across various departments and geographies need consistency and simplicity in their UCC tools. Collaborative spaces should facilitate quick audio and video communication and document sharing, including users who may be joining from mobile devices. Intelligent meeting features like scheduling plug-ins and meeting recordings enable projects to continue to move forward despite scheduling challenges and time zone differences. Leveraging video conferencing capabilities are also essential to enable teams to work at their best - driving closer relationships and strengthen their team culture.

Remote and On-The-Go Employees 

Not all remote work is created equal. Employees who work remote full-time from home have a fairly consistent technology setup. But the days of a road warrior - like sales managers or consultants - are a bit more unpredictable. For these types of employees who rely heavily on their mobile devices, the key is to provide a user experience on mobile that's equally as good as those working in the office every day. And it should be feature-rich, despite not being on a desktop - including video, screen-sharing and chat functionality. Above all though, consistently reliable audio is absolutely critical. Mobile teams who use UCC platforms can even can be enabled with a corporate phone number just like the rest of their colleagues. 

Administrative Teams 

Administrative teams are at the heart of effective operations. They’re responsible for transaction processing, customer account maintenance, employee services, and so much more. Typically, they’re based in-house and rely heavily on technology to do their job. Implementing a UC platform with reliable monitoring and tracking options means they can easily automate reports and use the insight to improve processes. This is also where a UCC platforms integration options come into play.

Customer Support Roles 

For any employees doing day-to-day collaboration with customers, user experience is absolutely key. But taking that a step further, hosted VoIP and UC platforms are well known for their ability to support and manage contact center teams. While the platform is an ideal foundation for contact centers, features such as CRM integration and other coaching mechanisms built into the platform are great for improving operations and training. Accessing the tracking and monitoring features of the UC platform also means managers can access important insight into how they can best tweak and adjust current systems to improve current processes, as well as delivering better customer service.


Keeping these different profiles in mind now makes it a lot easier to understand which features and functionalities can best be mixed, matched and maximized for your business! If you're ready to explore UCC but aren't sure how to start, reach out to the experts at GoTo to help you through your unique implementation questions and hurdles. 

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