The benefits of IT vendor consolidation

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#GoToGetsIT: This article is part of an ongoing series from GoTo’s thought leaders on the frontlines: Our Solutions Consultants deeply understand our customers’ unique challenges and connect the right solutions to meet their goals using GoTo technology. Here, they share their industry knowledge on what it takes to help businesses everywhere thrive in a remote or hybrid world.

How many products do I really need? This might be the most pressing question for IT leaders as they examine budgets, vendors, and solution capabilities. Is it more important to have specific, standalone solutions or one trusted vendor that can provide overall value? Ultimately, it’s a balance. As a solutions consultant at GoTo, it’s my job to help you answer those questions and find the right fit for you.

One partner that understands

When our sales team makes a pitch, they need the “street cred” to back it up. That’s where I come in. I love hearing each prospect’s unique situation and configuration, from small businesses to enterprises. It's my job to understand the use cases, answer questions, and determine if the products we are selling are a good fit. As a trusted advisor and technical team member, I make sure to know the people behind the problem.

A busy IT Manager is looking for a consultation. They want someone to understand their environment, users, customers, pain points, and ultimate objectives. It’s much more than a sale, it’s building a strong foundation of trust. When we help a customer implement one of our remote IT software tools, we know that they will look like a rockstar to their company. And that feels fantastic. That IT Manager will see that our company is not just making quick sales but is acting as a credible and knowledgeable resource that can make their lives easier.

Building a trustworthy relationship

There are many benefits of choosing one vendor for your IT needs. The first is trust — one relationship to build and one technology partner to trust. Many customers have shared that because of a supportive sales strategy, they are always willing to hear more. What other products and add-ons might take their support function to the next level?

For example, a product like GoTo Resolve gives you remote monitoring and management, help desk, conversational ticketing, detailed reporting, and more. You can trust your solutions consultant to offer you more for less.

Streamlined agent and admin experience

One vendor relationship also means one login. Having a product that does the work of 3-4 different tools will make your admin experience a breeze. IT teams won’t have to manage dashboards and logins for multiple sites or apps. With everything you need in one unified dashboard, it’s an incredible time saver.

When we compare this experience to an IT department with 10 different logins to 10 different products — all of which don’t communicate to each other without extensive integration builds — it becomes easy to understand why so many companies are choosing product suites over point solutions.

One-stop-shop for product support

And finally, wouldn’t you prefer to make one phone call to support or to a sales rep? With one vendor to contact, getting product support becomes more efficient and effective.

At the end of the day, some organizations might still make a case for disparate solutions. But regardless, it’s important to build a strong, trusted, consultative relationship with your IT support software vendor. They will continue to find solutions and methods to best serve your needs and keep you engaged in their organization as a treasured customer.

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