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Introducing GoTo Resolve: Everything you need to run your business from
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Modernize your help desk with conversational ticketing

Conversational ticketing plugs IT support right into the messaging tools your teams are already using.

  • Create, manage, and close support tickets from within Microsoft Teams or Slack
  • Start remote sessions over messaging
  • Use web-based ticketing, conversational ticketing, or a combination to fit your needs
GoTo Resolve interface showcasing an open support ticket accompanied by slack and Microsoft team logos showcasing the integration between GoTo Resolve and popular messaging tools.

Provide mobile support on any device, from anywhere

Provide fast, frictionless remote technical support for virtually all Android, Chrome OS, or iOS devices.

  • Join sessions directly via SMS, PIN, link, or email
  • Chat with agents via web browser or app
  • Hand off or record mobile support sessions
Young professional looking at cellular phone and smiling, accompanied by a GoTo Resolve interface example showcasing the ability to join a support session from virtually any device.

Stay safe with zero trust security architecture

Enterprise-grade security meets consumer-grade ease of use to securely keep your systems running.

  • Banking-grade encryption
  • Streamlined access management and provisioning
  • Multi-factor authentication, SSO, and more

Young professional sitting at cafe with headphones on look at laptop computer, accompanied by a GoTo Resolve interface example showcasing the added security of a signature key.

Save time and resources with remote IT automation

Unattended access and multi-session handling let agents and employees get more done, every day.

  • Push scripts and tasks
  • Leverage pre-written scripts
  • First-of-its-kind zero trust access controls with remote execution
GoTo Resolve interface showcasing remote execution tab with call-outs for adding file download, powershell execution, and MSI installation.

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