How to beat IT bloat and find more budget

Man working from home at a remote workstation after taming a bloated IT tech stack and recouping associated costs


Is your company experiencing tech stack bloat? Does your IT staff have too much of a good thing that leaves them wanting less? IT bloat has become a malady affecting small and midsize businesses (SMBs) everywhere. They’re all too familiar with bloat due to countless programs, with all the bells and whistles added on to gain favor. However, bloatware comes at a high cost in terms of hours and money wasted.

The financial impact of IT bloat

IT bloat occurs when a company—an SMB or large enterprise—invests in too many software tools. The result is a tech stack that’s too big and leaves IT overwhelmed. Sounds harmless? IT bloat is actually pretty costly and detrimental to an SMB’s bottom line.

A recent report by Freshworks found that 89% of IT professionals waste time weekly due to bloated applications. The amount of time wasted is startling, at nearly a full workday each week—7 hours and 19 minutes, to be exact—distracting IT leaders and digital workers from their core responsibilities.

On top of that, 38% of desktop software and 33% of SaaS tools are either underutilized or wasted. According to the report, “the cost of trying to use unhelpful technology amounts to more than $84B annually in wasted time in the US alone, or $10M every hour of every day.”

What global IT pros have to say

Of the 2,000 IT professionals surveyed by Freshworks, nearly all say their company could benefit from reducing overall software contracts. That's not surprising when you consider that digital workers spend 9% of their time each year just switching between apps.

The problem only gets worse when the software is outdated. In fact, more than a third felt that being forced to use outdated legacy software makes them want to quit their job.

What’s more, over one-third believe their company doesn't know how to stop paying for unnecessary services. Too often, they’re afraid to be viewed as a complainer or just consider they’ll be ignored if they register a complaint about the software. So bloat continues.

The cure for software bloat

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid or eliminate excessive “baggage.” The most obvious is to be intentional with which programs you adopt. The more vendors and programs you tack on, the more complexities with training, and more opportunities for waste—not to mention the more vectors for vulnerabilities and data breaches.

It’s also important to deploy a single software solution for IT management rather than several applications. In the Freshworks report, nearly two-thirds find fragmentation a problem and prefer a single software solution. GoTo Resolve answers that demand as a simple, all-in-one IT support software that consolidates remote monitoring and management (RMM), remote access, remote support, ticketing, and camera sharing all in one place, with zero trust architecture, the new standard in security. Simply put, GoTo Resolve streamlines IT support for SMBs.

Today, while IT leaders look to improve efficiencies and help drive revenue as a result, eliminating bloat must be part of that process. The best practice? Streamline through a single software solution. Get GoTo Resolve, free.   

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