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Okta is a cloud-based identity/access and mobility management solution. Here are just a few of the key business challenges that Okta can help you solve today:

  • Single Sign-On: as cloud and web applications increase in number, employees quickly become overwhelmed managing multiple URLs, usernames, and passwords. Okta solves this.
  • Automated User Management: Okta provides user import from AD, AD-driven provisioning and deprovisioning, and password synchronization. All of these make it much easier to administer GoTo Meeting across enterprises of all sizes.
  • Leverage Active Directory: Okta integrates once with Active Directory and federates your corporate identities to all of your cloud and web applications, including GoTo Meeting.
  • Mobility Management: Now you can centrally manage people, devices and access to web and mobile apps, to achieve better security and efficiency.

Have questions? Reach out at the Okta Help Center. For help using GoTo Meeting, head over to GoTo Meeting customer support.

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How To Install

Enabling Active Directory integration with GoTo Meeting is a simple, wizard driven process. With the click of a button from the Okta administrative console you can download the Okta Active Directory agent and install it on any Windows Server that has access to your Domain Controller.

  • Intelligent User Synchronization - Once the agent is installed and the initial user import takes place Okta intelligently processes the results.
  • Provisioning with Security Groups - Okta's integration enables administrators to automatically provision and deprovision user accounts in GoTo Meeting based on AD Security Group membership.
  • Robust Delegated Authentication - Okta’s Active Directory integration with GoTo Meeting also allows you to delegate the authentication into Okta, to your on-premises Active Directory Domain.
  • Integrated Desktop Single Sign-On - Okta leverages Microsoft’s Integrated Windows Authentication to seamlessly authenticate GoTo Meeting users to Okta that are already authenticated with their Windows domain.