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Integrate your GoTo Webinar account with any landing page or lead generation asset you create using Leadpages.
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About the integration

We’re big fans of GoTo Webinar at Leadpages. We use it to onboard new customers, educate marketers around the world, and even loop remote team members into meetings—every single week.

In fact, it’s a fair bet that Leadpages wouldn’t be the business it is today without webinars. Our webinar funnel system has been an essential part of the growth engine that’s taken us from 0 to 42,000+ customers in just a few years.

It’s been huge for our customers’ businesses, too. The great thing about webinar campaigns is that they don’t require a ton of different tools or technical skills. You really only need a few things (besides your computer):

  • A landing page to encourage people to register for your webinar
  • A way to capture webinar registrations
  • Somewhere to host the webinar

When you integrate Leadpages with GoTo Webinar, you’ve got all of these covered. In fact, we’re happy to give you a hand with your webinar pages even if you don’t use Leadpages. Click here to get a copy of our 10-point guide to effective webinar landing pages.

How Can I Use Leadpages with GoTo Webinar?

You can integrate your GoTo Webinar account with any landing page or lead generation asset you create using Leadpages. That means you can do things like:

Use a high-converting Leadpages template to eaily get people to register for your GoTo Webinar presentation. We’ve created some of the highest-converting webinar registration pages in the industry. The most successful webinar presenters we see tend to simply grab a template, drop in their information, upload their photo, and press publish—the templates are just that good. But you’re not limited to existing templates. Using our drag-and-drop builder, you can add just about any page element you can imagine to your webinar registration page. For best practices that apply wherever you’re building your page, make sure to download our 10-point guide to effective webinar landing pages.

Sign people up for your webinar and your email list at the same time. Leadpages lets you route leads’ contact data to multiple places with no extra work for anybody. So when people sign up for your webinar through Leadpages, you can also make sure they get added to your regular email list (or any special list of your choice) or your CRM.

Use Leadlinks® to get your subscribers to sign up for your GoTo Webinar event in just one click. If you have an email list of prospects you’re hoping to turn into customers, a great sales webinar could be just the trick. To make it incredibly easy for those prospects to register, just create an email invitation in whichever email service you use and add a Leadlink. Those who click on a Leadlink will be instantly registered in GoTo Webinar—no need to even leave their inbox.

Capture GoTo Webinar signups from all over your blog or website with Leadboxes®. People who spend a lot of time on your blog or website are likely excellent prospects for your next webinar. You can swiftly get them signed up by triggering a Leadbox signup form from…

• A button in your navigation bar • A link in your site footer

• A banner in your blog sidebar

• … Or just about any other high-visibility part of your site

You can even set a Leadbox to pop up automatically after a certain amount of time, or when someone makes moves to leave the page. This can be a good option for pages that your keenest prospects are likely to see.

Set up custom Leadpages thank you pages to guide registrants to the next step. When someone signs up for your webinar, you can display a thank you page telling them exactly what you’d like them to do next. You could ask them to:

• Download a worksheet that will get registrants excited to show up

 Share the webinar on social media • Invite friends or colleagues to attend

• Sign up for text-message reminders so they don’t miss out

• Add the webinar directly to their online calendar

Many of these options are built right into Leadpages thank you page templates.

Use Leaddigits® to sign people up for your GoTo Webinar broadcast. With Leaddigits, you can collect leads via text messaging when you’re out in the world. Say you’re speaking at a conference or your company has a booth at a local event. You could set up a Leaddigit to have people register for a webinar or to opt-in for a free gift. This is a very user-friendly experience for your registrants, because it is easier to text a short word to a short number than to open an Internet browser, type in a URL, and then fill out a form. Plus, if you want to send text reminders through a different service, you’ll already have collected registrants’ phone numbers.

Enhance your webinar campaigns with pages devoted exclusively to your bonuses or webinar promotions. If you’re including a sales pitch in your webinar, create a Leadpage to house your offer and ask webinar registrants to buy your product through the Leadpage (making it easier to trace actual sales to your webinar). You can also send the Leadpage URL in a followup email to those who registered but did not attend (or attended but did not buy) to give them another chance to make a purchase.

If you’re not using these tactics already, give them a shot. From what we’ve seen, adding just one or two could give a big boost to the percentage of people who make it all the way through your webinar to a sale.

Using Leadpages and GoTo Webinar together can make the everyday work of running webinars easier and more profitable. We look forward to hearing your success story!

About the company

At Leadpages, we create elegant software that helps businesses grow by collecting more leads and driving more sales. Our platform offers more ways to engage potential customers than anyone in the industry, and it’s the only one that enables sign-ups via landing pages, websites, social media, email, and text messaging.

We believe compelling online marketing doesn’t need to be time-consuming. In fact, anyone can use Leadpages to create and deploy landing pages in minutes without touching a line of code.

We support and celebrate DIY marketers and large enterprises alike—anyone who values the ability to launch new marketing ideas almost instantly.

Have questions? Learn more about the integration here, and get help with a tutorial here. If you need help using GoTo Webinar, head to customer support.

How To Install

Fill your email list and webinar seats at the same time using Leadpages' high-converting webinar page templates.

How Do I Connect Leadpages and GoTo Webinar?

It’s easy! Here’s how it works in a nutshell:

Create your webinar inside GoTo Webinar. When you get to the form settings page, uncheck all the fields. This is because you’ll be using Leadpages forms instead of GoTo Webinar for this purpose. You should also leave the “Questions” and “After Registrations” fields blank, since you’ll take care of this in Leadpages or your email service provider.

Connect your GoTo Webinar account to your Leadpages account. Inside your Leadpages account, click the Integrations tab in the drop-down menu under your account name. Here, you’ll have the option to add a new integration.

Choose GoTo Webinar Link your webinar to any Leadpage, Leadlink or Leaddigit. Once you’ve connected your Goto Webinar and Leadpages accounts, your GoTo Webinar forms will show up in a dropdown menu whenever it’s time to choose a destination for your leads.