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Salesforce Lightning

Seamlessly connect Salesforce leads from any Jive/GoToConnect call.

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  • Sales and Marketing

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Integrate your Jive/GoToConnect phone system with Salesforce Lightning. Jive's integration will streamline your team’s workflow by:

  • Providing call notifications for incoming calls
  • Giving context by populating the customer’s or lead’s SalesForce record
  • Having the ability to create notes
  • Providing call logs to track agent performance and lead conversion through SalesForce reports and dashboards
  • Create leads, accounts, and contacts from a call
  • Create notes and cases

SalesForce, together with Jive, will inspire confidence with your customers by providing your team with the information they need to win.

1. Install Salesforce Lightning

2. Post installation steps

3. Test the package in sandbox

1. Install the Salesforce Lightning Beta from AppExchange

To install the Beta version of the Jive Salesforce Lightning integration follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Salesforce Lightning account.
  2. On the Setup Home page click the Get Started button in the Visit AppExchange box.

  3. In the AppExchange Home dialog enter jive into the search textbox at the top and hit Enter.

  4. In the search results page navigate to the Components tab and click the Jive by LogMeIn (beta) item.

  5. In the Jive by LogMeIn (beta) page click the Get It Now button in the bottom right corner.

  6. Make sure your popup blocker is disabled, then in the Log In to AppExchange dialog click the Open Login Screen button.

  7. In the Allow Access popup dialog click the Allow button.

  8. In the Where do you want to install Jive by LogMeIn (beta) page click the Install Here button.

  9. In the Confirm installation details Jive by LogMeIn (beta) step review the details, check the terms and conditions checkbox and click the Confirm and Install button.

  10. In the Install Jive by LogMeIn (beta) page select the target users then click the Install button.

  11. When the installation process is finished you will an Installation Complete! message. Scroll down and click the Done button to close this dialog.




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2. Post installation steps

To properly configure the Jive/GoToConnect Salesforce Lightning integration in your Salesforce account follow these steps:

  1. Make sure Notes are enabled on the Feature Settings > Sales > Notes Settings setup page.

  2. Saved notes and notes about calls will be displayed not on the Notes and Attachments list on the contact profile but on a separate Note list. By default this list is not displayed on contacts, so go to Setup and Choose the Object Manager menu: 


    Find the Contact item in the list and select it. Then choose Page Layouts:


    From the list select the layout which is relevant to you. Contact layout will be the default list which the other lists extends. On the next screen select Related Lists from the top menu:


    Now drag&drop the Notes item into the Related Lists panel (it will be highlighted):


    Finally click on the save button to overwrite the existing layout settings.

  3. Import Call Center from the following XML file on the Feature Settings > Service > Call Center > Call Centers setup page.


    Download the configuration file here
    Click the import button and choose the downloaded file.

    In the details page of the newly imported call center click the Manage Call Center Users button to add users to it.
    Here you can search for your user, so find it and add an access to your user.

  4. Add softphone to your Lightning app:

    a. Navigate to Setup > Apps > App Manager.

    b. Select the Lightning app you wish to add the JivePhone app to, and click Edit.


    c. Navigate to the Utility Items tab, then click the Add Utility Item button. Search for Open CTI Softphone, then finally click the Save button at the bottom of the page.


    The Phone should now be added to your Lightning Application.


On the first login, your browser might be blocking the authentication popup. Make sure you allow popup coming from your Salesforce organization.
When you test calls, make sure to pick up the phone you are calling. Otherwise, all calls in the history will be marked as missed.


Sandbox installation
If you installed the package in a sandbox, you probably encountered this error.


It's due to call center's configuration. The domain name differs and it is not able to resolve the relative URL. How to resolve this issue:

  1. Go to Setup > Custom Code > Visualforce Pages
  2. Click the CTI Adapter Page item.
  3. Retrieve full name of JivePhone page, in my example: jif6QH2I3t7Mptz__JivePhone

  4. Go to Setup > Feature Settings > Service > Call Center > Call Centers
  5. Edit the Jive Call Center Adapter Open CTI item.
  6. Change /apex/JivePhone with /apex/jif6QH2I3t7Mptz__JivePhone (use the id you have found in Step 3.)

  7. Click the Save button.


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3. Test the package in sandbox

This package is manually packaged.

  • Create jiveEmbedded static resource
  • Create a visual page manually

In order to verify the installation:

  1. Go to your Dev Hub setup here: https:// YOUR-SANDBOX.lightning.force.com/ lightning/setup/ SetupOneHome/home
  2. Create a new sandbox


  3. Select the developer version

    The creation will take a couple minutes (go grab a coffee)

  4. Log in your new sandbox, username will be username+.domainname ex: william.lauze@jive.com.test2 use your normal password
  5. Click on the package install link.
  6. Select your sandbox domain
  7. Enter package password
  8. Install for all users.

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