Look professional with automated client bookings, cancellations, reminders & even payments with one click using Acuity’s online scheduling software.
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Automate your client bookings, cancellations, reminders & even payments with one click using the world’s sleekest online scheduling software. (The calendars voted.) No matter how small your business, you need to look sharp and gain that instant professional edge, and with Acuity, you’ll do just that. Automatically send branded and customized booking confirmations, reminders & follow-ups—via email or text message—and even request advance payments via Stripe, Paypal or with the click of a button. With our ironclad coordination, you'll never again let a client fall through the cracks, miss a beat, or lose a booking.

Bonus: You’ll get notified any and every time a new appointment is booked, you can check your schedule right from your phone, and even tell Acuity to automatically update the calendars you already use, like Google, Outlook, iCal, or Office 365.

Have questions? Reach out to the Acuity team. For help using GoTo Meeting, visit GoTo Meeting support.

How To Install

Under Business Settings > Integrations you can integrate GoTo Meeting. Just click "Connect to GoTo Meeting" to log in, allowing us to manage meetings in GoTo Meeting for you. Once you're connected simply select the Appointment Types you'd like to create virtual meetings for, and you're all set.

New appointments booked in Acuity will create new meetings in GoTo Meeting. When appointments are rescheduled or cancelled, we'll update your existing meetings in GoToMeeting. Editing existing appointment details will not create or update meetings in GoTo Meeting.

We'll automatically set the location for calendar events with the GoTo Meeting meeting details. To add the meeting details to your email notifications, head to the Business Settings > Email Settings page and add the %location% tag to your client confirmation and reminder emails for your GoTo Meeting appointment types.

Multiple Accounts

Each Acuity User can connect their own GoTo Meeting account under Business Settings > Integrations to create meetings in GoTo Meeting whenever appointments are scheduled on their Acuity calendar. If multiple users have access to the same calendars, the main Acuity admin can assign which users create meetings in the GoTo Meeting settings.

Classes & Recurring Appointments

If your account was created after Feb 2, 2018, class attendees will automatically share the same virtual meeting. If your account was created before Feb 2, 2018, this functionality will be enabled by default when you set up integration, and you can turn it on or off in the integration settings